Healthy Body, Healthy Business With Barbara Carnahan

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All right guys this week we have a really exciting episode. I am interviewing my friend Barbara who is a local photographer here in the Dallas Fort Worth area and a health and fitness coach who has a brand new program out called Hello healthy and I am so excited for her for this program. I think that she has figured something out that a lot of other programs haven't yet and just her passion her excitement for it the way that she's hoping to change women's lives. I'm just I think this is going to be something huge for her.


So I am so excited for her. And in today's interview we're talking all about healthy habits and fitting with this month's theme of creating healthy habits. We're talking about how your habits in your lifestyle so making healthy choices with your body trying to live your healthiest life when it comes to what you eat how you exercise how much sleep you're getting. You know just your overall well-being. It affects so much of your life. You know I think that a lot of times we look at health fitness as just wanting to eat better.


I need to exercise but there's so much more into it. And that's one of things that Barbara's incorporating into her hello healthy program. And so we talk a lot about that in this interview. Now one little side note just in case you are starting to think like wow Kendra's really got her ish together. Let me just tell you a little story about this interview. I don't know I am just losing my mind right now. The kids just went back to school this past week. I thought they were starting school early.


They were I'm like off by a couple of days. I just I'm like completely out of sorts after the holiday break and I sit down to record the interview with Barbara and I have my headphones on I've got my microphone ready and I'm like I can't hear anything and my headphones What is going on I'm plugging them in unplugging them Plugging back in. Nothing's working. The whole interview I'm sitting here like talking into my microphone just going about the interview when I realize I never plugged my microphone in so the audio recording for this is just straight from the computer and it's not terrible but it's not my typical caliber of microphone recording.


I just was like oh my gosh. Kendra you've got to plug the stinking microphone in before you recording episode. So again just more proof that I'm nowhere near perfect. I'm still figuring this whole thing out. And from now on I will try to remember to plug in the microphone before I record my interviews. All right guys let's go ahead and jump into this week's interview with my friend Barbara hi Barbara.


How are you. I'm great. How are you this morning.


I'm wonderful. Thank you so much for joining me today. I'm excited chat with you. And I'm excited to you. I know we've been planning to do this for a while. You were one of the first people I reached out to you whenever we started this whole podcast and it's just life is crazy and I'm so glad we're finally getting a chance to sit down and finally chit chat and talk about health and life and business and kids and everything.


Yes absolutely I blame that delay on the children.


Absolutely I blame them. Oh the children. I always say it's a good thing that cute because otherwise they just get in the way sometimes as we're sure.


So we were talking a little bit before I recorded that we were saying we kind of live some very similar parallel lives. So we're both sevens. We're both married to fives. We both have daughters so you have three I have two but I think four hours are almost the same age. How old are your girls.


I have a 10 year old an eight year old and a three year old.


So I have a 7 and a 3 year old. So we're kind of right in there they're about to be 8 and 4 am. Yeah it's it's a lot.


Three years are rough I think that because I have such a big age gap in between our second and our third when get the threes are just a whole they're a whole nother level.


I went from like oh she's so sweet and cute. I just want to be with her all the time too. Who is this child and why did all of this attitude come from.


And then you've been out four and a half five. You're like. Welcome back. Happy you came back to us.


All right. I'll be excited to see how the next couple of years with your oldest goes because that's my next fear is like the pre-teen teen phase. So I'll be eye on your on your feet for that I'm like OK. How are you navigating this whole like pre-teen where all the hormones are real.


Yes. We've already done sports bra shopping. I mean it's the real deal. It's like everything you kind of remember growing up. But trying to do it and you know connect with your kid at the same time.


Oh my gosh. It just gives me anxiety thinking about it. Well on top of all that. So we both have photography in common. And then you have now branched off into a new business venture which we'll talk about. So we have a lot of similarities so I'm super excited to get into that but then also we're talking site about healthy habits. And so you're going to give us some tips on leading a healthier life both in your health and fitness journey and then how that affects everything else in your life as well.


So let's start off and kind of give us an overview of your story. Like how did you get into what you're doing and kind of give us your journey a little bit.


  1. So fresh out of college I became a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. And I did that for about five years and then I had a baby. And you know you know how that goes. Oh yeah. I ended up staying at home with her and I started a photography business. And so I have three girls. And so over like a nine year time period I really lost my health like I just was a putting myself as priority on the kids. Obviously you always come first especially when they're tiny it's so hard.


I mean you're just in the thick of diapers and feeding them and honestly keeping them alive and loved and survival mode revival mode. And when you have time to work out you're you're so exhausted it's just hard to even get one. So I completely I lost my health but really the turn came for me with my husband and so my husband two years ago came home from work with what we thought was a migraine. And I've had migraines before and so I was like OK. We need to get you in a darkroom let's get an ice pack in the back of your head or the back your neck.


I gave him some ibuprofen. I said the best thing that you can do is sleep. So I got him all set up and he managed to fall asleep and the next morning he wakes up and he can't feel the entire right side of his body so he could stand up out of bed and he falls back onto the bed and I'm like OK this is more than half my brain. And so I go in to fight or flight mode. If you've heard of this too I go downstairs I tell the girls Hey something's wrong with Dad I need you guys to get ready and to get in the van because we're going to take him to the E.R. come upstairs my husband's like 6 3 6 4 2 20 plus I manage to get him dressed and get him down two flights of stairs and into our van and we race him to the E.R..


And I've seen it in the waiting room with my girls with all three of them and at the time my youngest my 3 year old was nine months her on my hip I've got the other two girls there and we're in one of those stand alone cars not like one that took to a hospital until it's small and the doors open and I can see Greg on the stretcher like they're pulling him into a different room and the nurse comes out and I'll just never forget this was like a monumental moment in my life. And she comes up and she says Ma'am we think your husband either had a stroke or he's having a stroke.


You need to take him to a different hospital to a hospital that specializes in stroke suffer and play now. So we're gonna taken by ambulance over there and it was really like my life flashing before my eyes. So we of course followed the ambulance to the other hospital. And we're sitting with Greg in his room and the doctor had warned us that we weren't. He wasn't sure if when he stood up he'd be able to walk.


And we're sitting there and Greg and I are just crying and we just looked at each other and I said to him we have to do better. Like we have to chase our dreams. We have to be getting so stressed out about all the little things that happen in this and we have to take care of our health and he did have to relearned how to walk but he was able to get home in time to walk the girls to their first day of school here in Texas because we had just moved prior to that and it really that's just the biggest game changer in our life.


It was the biggest moment ever that changed our way of thinking in our life.


And so I had not been taking care of myself either. Like I said before I had had three babies I had put myself on the backburner. I was running this photography business and just kind of. What do they say. Burning the candle at both ends. Yeah. Yeah. And so I started doing research so I was once a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant and I mean I just started diving into you. What are the best ways for myself to get healthy. But not just myself. My whole family right.


So I came up with. I started researching came up with some different ways for us to get healthy. And it worked. I feel like almost close to pre baby nice. It's hard to do right. And then developed a program to help other women get healthy.


That's so amazing. I I heard kind of some of your story just on Instagram Facebook and stuff but I hadn't heard the full story about your husband like I knew he'd had a stroke but just died because how old was he when that happens. He was 41. So crazy because was so young and like my husband's about to be 40 and like I know that we're not at our healthiest. I mean we are not super active and you know he's got like an hour long commute one way to work and then he gets home late.


Now it's dark early and we just don't do a whole lot. And I know that like our eating habits are not great. So are you hearing things like that like it really hits home with me because I do it. You know you hear stories all the time about people who lose their spouses at such a young age and because of health issues I'm just like I I need to do better just like you were saying. And I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling of like knowing they need to do better.


But then like the practical steps to get there I think we all kind of know like I know what to do to be healthy. But do I always do it. No.


And here's the deal is that it's not about being perfect. And I think that that's what we get so hung up on when we were trying to take care of ourselves is we have to do. We have to follow this program and it has to be completely perfect every step of the way. And then once it's not then we are just like whatever I'm going to go back into my old habits but we're going to fall down over and over again just like we do in business just like we do in everyday life.


It's the same goes with our health. And so if you go out and let's say you order number three from Burger King then just know your next meal you can turn that around. You know it's just a matter of changing your mindset to it's not all or nothing. Eighty percent of the time I'm going to take amazing care of myself and if I want to go out for drinks with my friends. Perfect. That's important to your social life is important too. You know being community is important to you but then not beating yourself up for that as well you know.


Yeah absolutely. No I I agree. I think that that all or nothing mentality is easy to fall into especially because like you were saying in business to like yes it's easy to fall into the idea that like OK either I have to be perfect or it's all done and I see that in my eye and I've struggled with my business to like something like Oh well I didn't get that done it didn't work out the way I wanted to.


Let's just throw it out and start from scratch when I know it was just a little bit of a slip up. Let's get back on track. Like it's really going to be fine. Absolutely. Yeah. OK. So this month on the podcast we're talking all about healthy habits. You know you talked about goal setting. You talked about healthy habits just in your business. And so what I want to talk with you about is how much healthy habits in our personal lives affects our business.


Because most of us listening to this are running our own business.


We're very much intertwined personal and business life. I think it's for a lot of people it's hard to separate the two because either one you're working from home or your business as you started your business that you could live the life you wanted to live. And so it's really easy to kind of fall into these habits of being lethargic I guess is a good word you know kind of I don't say lazy because it's not only laziness versus the idea of like oh well I get to plan my whole day like I know for me personally when I quit teaching I was like oh my gosh this is amazing.


Like I have the whole day to do what I want. And I had this vision of like I'm going to get up and I'm go to the gym and I'm going to have a healthy like a smoothie for breakfast that I'm going to start my day and I'm going to answer emails and I'm going to do this. I do that. And the reality was I rolled out of bed. I got my girls off at school in my pajamas. I did a good job because I didn't feel like getting dressed and I came home.


I watched a few episodes of Friends and then I would maybe answer a few e-mails. It was really easy to fall into this sort of vacation mode. So what advice or tips do you have. It's kind of a loaded big question but like a what are some things that we can do to sort of help us not feel like we're falling into that routine falling into just not doing what the business needs or what kind of health habits. Yeah I think women good health habits because I know for me when I get up and I am active and I'm doing the things that I kind of had envisioned myself doing it impacts my whole day.


You know it impacts how productive I am an impact you know if I start off my day in my pajamas or in my yoga pants eating a doughnut and watching Netflix the rest of my day is probably not going to be super productive but the days that I get up and I get dressed and I get out and I go to the gym I go to the dog for a walk and I have a healthy breakfast.


Then I'm more productive but it's just a matter of like how do I make that a habit.


OK so you're gonna do just as you do for your business. You market it on your calendar what day what time you're working out what workout you're doing. You make it so clear that when you wake up and you don't feel like it because you're not going to feel like most people are not like oh gosh I'm just Johnson for a run this morning.


You know when you wake up.


Yeah you have to have it so set so clear that this is what I'm doing. And this is important to me and I'm going to do it no matter what even if I wake up and I don't feel like it. And another piece of it just like you said is pretty much just creating the habit. Right now these are the five days that I work out every week for 30 minutes at a time and day time if you if it's a time that you normally are home with your husband and kids then you talk to them and say hey I've got a new health goal and I really want to do this because I want to feel better.


I'm going to be a better wife a better mom just said a better person overall be able to run my business better if I do this. And so this is really important to me. And so I'm going to be gone from five to five thirty Monday through Friday and I'm going to work it out and then I'll be home after. And so sometimes it's just I think we want to make everything so convenient for our families like we're always here especially when we work from home. We're always here. And so I think we want to make it so it's not an inconvenience to them but it's OK if it is like this is important to you.


And then just really committed to the habit like I know it's going to take this long to create the habit you know.


And even now I've been working out for however long years and I don't feel like it every day. You know this is like I'm like so excited to go work out every time but I know afterwards I'm going to feel amazing because when you work out at drabs happy hormones into your body and you feel better you're more patient with your kids.


You can focus more on your business. It's a confidence builder too because you took care of yourself.


You know I love what you just said about the fact that you know not wanting to be an inconvenience. You know I think that's such a huge thing and I know that I don't always recognize it as that but not even with just the working out part like my best friend now lives in Colorado and I want to go visit her before the flights become super expensive and the spring and I was telling my husband about it last night and he was like well you were just there a couple months ago and she was just here like a couple weeks ago.


Why are you going up there again. And I was like Well because I want to go and he's like Well I have to work I have things to do and I'm like I get that I will arrange things but it's like those type situations. And that's a bigger scale. But on a smaller scale like day to day I think that's a big thing. So we call it like the mom guilt. I think a big part of it is we don't want to be an inconvenience though. As women I know myself especially and I'm sure I speak for a lot of women when I say this.


We tend to say well it's fine I'll just put myself on the backburner because it's easier for my husband it's easier for my kids schedule or it's easier for this person or I don't want to inconvenience them. For me and we can feel selfish about it. It's really easy to feel like it's a selfish thing. One of the benefits I know for me is like the gym I go to. They have childcare. And so it's included in the price. I can take my youngest one with me. She loves to go because the girl that works in the childcare room like does her hair and paints her nails for and she'll tell it to me like Mommy my nails are naked I need to go to the gym.


With them. And so like that helps. But even so like there's lots of times when it's I can't always go at the times they have child care it's I to go in the afternoons or evenings and then I feel like well my husband just got home from work and now I'm leaving and leaving him with the kids and so I totally get that feeling of you don't want to inconvenience somebody else but you have to put yourself forward. So I love the idea of having that conversation and just saying like I need to do this for me ands let's all go on board with that.


Yeah absolutely. And you'll be surprised at how understanding they will be when you actually sit him down they're like Oh awesome. Good for you Ian. Look what you're doing for your kids when they're older when they're moms they're going to know how to take care of myself. I watched my mom take care of herself every single day and she told us it was important to her. And I'm gonna do that too you know. And so then you create this awesome generational whatever acceptance. Mm hmm. It's good to take care of yourself of self care and health and all of it.


You know that.


Yeah. I love it. And I think you know I've I've thought a lot about this from having girls I know you having girls too probably had the same thought and like I grew up struggling with my weight and looking back feels like I was never overweight but I was just always I've always been tall. I've always been curvier and so like playing sports and so I was always fit and healthy but I just felt bigger because I was taller than everybody. I mean I was like a foot taller than half the girls in my class growing up.


And so it was always something that was on my mind and I look at my daughters now and my oldest daughter she has the sweet tooth she loves anything that sugary that sweet that snack junk food type stuff. And I can see that she's kind of built the same way I was and I want to show her healthy habits I don't want her falling into the same kind of mind traps that I did growing up. And so I've been trying to do things with her and be more active with her and she's been a big motivator because we did our first little like five k fun run back in October and she keeps asking to do another one and I'm like I need to let that be my inspiration too because not only do it for myself but to do it for my girls so they learn what it means to be healthy and fit and take care of yourself and that should be a priority.


Absolutely. And then on those days where you don't feel like you think about her you know I think about her and how you want her to take care of herself when she's your age and when she's raising kids and how much that's going to help her in her everyday life even from a health standpoint like anxiety and depression. Oh my gosh movement is Oh good for that. So good for health and you know all the things that I know that right.


Oh yeah. Yeah. The color run is I think coming up in March. So that may be a fun one that you can do.


Yeah. The one we did was a bubble run which was super fun and I like rolled my ankle at the end of that book. But it was and that's what she loved was like every mile or so they had like these big sprayers that was spread like foam bubbles there were different colors. You have to run through them. She had a blast like you did that's something that she and I can do together. And so I need to make that like a priority. And that's what things I love about watching you on social media as you do a lot of stuff with your girls.


Like I see you always like outside like going for walks or for runs or whatever you know whatever you're being active together. And I think that was one of the things I wanted to mention was the fact that how can you get your family to join them with you on this journey because it's one thing to say like I want to get healthy I want to eat better I want to be more active. But if you're living in a house with three or four other people how can you give them or even if it's just you and your spouse are you and your parents or whoever it is how can you get somebody to kind of join you in this journey.


So this is one of the reasons I developed so healthy is because all of the programs that are out there are really just for the mom right. The mom goes and she does the program and she gets healthy but then Mom has to make dinner and then make a separate dinner for herself.


And like that just as a way to have time for that night we're busy and we want our kids to be healthy too. We want them eating junk while we're over here eating the good stuff. That's a blessing our body. Right. Right. Oh I just made a decision on activity outside that it was close enough that we would walk or ride bikes and we just I mean it was really just let's ride our bikes to the park not really making a big deal out of this exercise that we need to do this really let's get some sunshine let's go to the park together or go to the library we live in a really great location where we can walk to the Market Street the grocery store.


Yeah. Which is great. We can walk to the library we can walk to the park.


So just showing them that it's important to get outside and then they feel better to. You know what I mean. As far as getting healthy within nutrition in the home getting rid of the junk like getting rid of this stuff in your cupboards that you know is not serving your family you know that when they eat so much. Maybe this isn't everybody's kids. When my kids are maniacs like an hour after day sugar they usually crash there's usually some meltdowns or they get really really hyper and then just when they're done and that's a tough for anybody that's something for them.


Especially now for mom. But you really of getting rid of the junk in your house. There are alternatives to almost everything you can find a healthier version of whatever it is you're looking for cookies and you can make them energy both inside you know finding healthy alternatives they don't feel deprived like it's any huge shift within your house but letting them know too that things are going to change in the fridge and pantry. Well I'm doing that because I want you to feel good. I want to feel good when you go to school.


Also like one or two days a week we'll do a smoothie before school and I'll throw a handful of spinach into my kids are like I can't even taste this. You know they're going to excited like surprise that they can't taste it and they're getting the same. So it really is just committing the whole house kind of teaching as you well like we're having this instead of what we used to have because I want you to feel good for school. I want you to feel like you have energy will be always better.


But I want you to feel good all the time and I want you to know how to eat when you leave the home.


Yeah. That's really smart. And I there's so much of what you just said that sparked ideas and thoughts in my mind. But one of them was you know I I tend to go for the things that are convenient and that I know my kids will eat especially because my youngest one right now is kind of a she's my healthy eater but she's also kind of a picky eater and so she she'll be the first one to be like there and issues like mommy I wouldn't care it sounds like.


All right go get some carrots. You know. But at the same time they should try me she'll she'll say I want a lollipop or I want to keep I care it's not my candy. And I I notice a difference in their attitude their behavior when they eat the junk food. But I think for me what I want to do next is like a really kind of track it almost to be like OK when like what are some things I can sort of just starting from scratch and be like we're just cleaning out the pantry like maybe removing a couple of things that I stopped buying at the store every time you know and then see like OK well if they have one fruit snack after school does that really affect them the same as if they came in and had like a bag of potato chips or whatever it was you know.


And then like letter like trying out some new things like instead of this maybe we have this you know I'm like my oldest one she doesn't eat fruit she'll eat an apple and a banana and that's it. But she loves like apples with peanut butter so maybe I can just get her to eat that more and just not have the other options there which is a really great idea. And again it just takes the the prep and it takes the time I think for me that's a big thing that I struggle with is that.


Things are so busy and we're so like on the go with kids sports and my work and my husband's job and this and that sometimes like she walks in the door from school and we're right back out the door again. And so stopping to say like let's fix an apple on peanut butter and bring in the car with us just doesn't seem as convenient as yeah I'll go grab some cheese that's and let's go. Oh yeah. So I think you just again it becomes that habit of you know having things available to them that are convenient that are healthy that are things that they're going to enjoy.


And one of the things we've started doing too is with my oldest one is every week to try something new that you've never tried before. And so like she's getting better about it. Like I was she tried. Oh we were at a barbecue place and she went to try ribs and she'd never had ribs before and was like I didn't try it and now she's obsessed with ribs. And she tried something else recently. I came here it was and then it was a fruit anyway and she was like Oh this is actually really good.


And I'm like See I'm not crazy.


  1. Yeah.


The reason to I like what you did really well there was. You had her try like she got to choose. I wanted Cherry ribs. Like it wasn't you saying you have to try this. You don't I mean like even giving them the choices like here are two options. You can try whatever frankly and re-enter celery and peanut butter you get to choose and then they choose they feel empowered like they made the decision and they're independent they're grown up right you know because they chose that good diet.


Well thank you.


Well you can say that but you haven't seen my pantry said oh no you're good Mom you're good. We all have room to improve in the pantry.


Yeah well I think that is my biggest struggle I guess that is just the convenience factor. So like I know that having that box of cheese that's in the pantry for my kids to snack on for me to Saigon is not the best option when I could have you know string cheese at an Apple or some almonds or whatever like my kids like scones and things like that and like I need to just push that a little bit more. But yeah it's making those choices.


Yeah. And just simply not having it there. The truth is we're not going to go to the store if they want it like unless we're desperate and have like pennies craving and get pregnant and they're having cravings that will not go away.


And so we have a rabbit that we're not going to run out to the store and get those things.


So if we have all the healthy stuff with the new label I sell a lot of my clients. You know what your kids are going to get hungry. They're going to eat the healthy stuff. And the more the you get that on their palate the more they get. Those taste into their mouth the more they're going to listen to you. OK. I eat this. Start to turn their body more alkaline instead of acidic and then they start really enjoying it and that's OK.


That's good to know.


Hey guys we're going to take a really quick break to talk about one of our amazing sponsors honey book. You all know I love Honey book for my business. It has helped me run my business so smoothly over the last couple of years. And today I want to tell you about one of my favorite features they offer which is workflows workflows is an automated system and you can setup within honey book that will basically run your business for you without you having to lift a finger. This is such an amazing tool because not only does it allow you to work on your business instead of working in your business but it gives you a chance to feel like you are welcoming these new clients and bringing them into your world without having to do the same thing over and over and over again for every single client.


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It's pretty amazing guys. It makes you look like such a professional. It makes you look like you've got your stuff together and you know exactly what you're doing. And a great thing is I was talking to a friend last night at a networking event and she said that one of the things that she adds to her workflow is a reminder for her a task that for herself to send handwritten notes to her brides occasionally throughout the year. Just checking in and saying hi and guys. Those are the little touches those little touch points throughout the year or throughout the timeline.


Before you work with your your client that are going to make such an impact on your entire client experience and with honey book they make it so easy to do all you do is go in and spend a few minutes setting up your workflow creating your template emails your task all the things you want to include and then it's done and you don't have to think about it again. So if this sounds like something that your business could use in the new year then I highly encourage you to check out honey book along with all of their amazing other features such as client scheduling invoicing contracts questionnaires bookkeeping so much stuff.


I want you to check out any book you can try it for free for two weeks. And if you sign up will using the girl means business code then you get your entire year for half off because that's a huge savings half off your entire first year. You can go to bitterly fought slash G M B honey book that's B I T dot l y forward slash G M B honey book or just head over to the show notes and click the link to get half off your first year with honey book.


All right guys let's get back to today's show.


So what have been over the course the last couple of years when you have kind of re re introduced yourself to this healthy lifestyle. What have been some of the biggest impacts you've seen on your life with your family with your business. Just personally what has been like some of the biggest things changes you've noticed that have been impactful for you.


  1. So when I was not taking care of myself and was just not in a good spot in my health I mean I had everything from headaches daily to joint pain adrenal fatigue which is like a constant state of fatigue where you wake up in the morning but you don't feel like you feel kind of groggy and feel about usually four or five o'clock in the evening and then you're wired and you can't sleep. So you're trying to fall asleep and then you'll find that people like about 40 and then the whole cycle over again.


So constant adrenal fatigue which then needs to brain fog. Right. Because we all need seven to eight hours of sleep every night for recovery for our brains to be French. And so then I had just a crazy amount of brain fire to the point where if somebody would ask me a question I mean there are things that I knew I knew. But I just couldn't even find words.


I remembered saying words are hard. I did.


I mean it really was out of control and what it came down to is the inflammation what's oh hi in my body that everything was affected. And so from those symptoms I literally ran a business like I couldn't run a business successfully. Yeah literally. So tired all of the time. I felt so horrible. I usually had a headache. It really impacted everything I really would. I couldn't sit here today and run. Hello healthy. With the way that I felt a year to it. That's crazy. I did literally everything.


And so and that really came over there wasn't really anything dramatic that I was doing with when we do hug for like not an alcoholic or or really anything crazy it was over time when eating unhealthy and not even fried food a lot. Maybe I had to eat two times a week. But this not making healthy choices day in and day out not moving my body allowing stress to take over my life instead of being able to relax and like no that stressful things are going to happen. You just gotta to be able to let him roll off your back you know.


But over time the inflammation just stopped growing and growing and growing and finding out after Greg had a stroke relearned how to walk. I was like OK I got to figure this out because this is ridiculous. It kind of felt like a walking zombie.


Wow. Yeah. It's interesting what you said of the adrenaline fatigue because I and even like everything you just said like I think that I've experienced that and I'd in my mind I was like Oh this is just mom brain you know.


Oh it's just I'm exhausted because I'm running to businesses and kids and husband and all these things. And if it's really easy for us to say like well that's just our life like fascist life now like that's my new normal when I'm talking to you and I'm listening to you talked about like how. No that's not normal. And that's how our bodies were meant to feel and how they're not meant to function that way. But I think a lot of us really just look at it and go oh I'm getting older or Well I've just got so much going on and everybody feels stressed and everybody feels this way when really that's not how we're supposed to feel.


And I think that that's a big awakening for a lot of us is like oh no I'm I'm supposed to feel way better than I do right now. And now I have to plan the work to make the change because I know for me like I've kind of done this roller coaster with my health in the last probably ten years of like 10 and 12 years ago I was running a half marathon I was exercising everyday I was eating really healthy I was eating very clean like we went through our whole phase or we just eat very clean nothing process.


The 80 20 rule like you said like we just kind of cut out all these things that we're you know if you came in the freezer or the Bar Box whatever we kind of nixed it out in. I felt amazing and like I woke up every morning like jumping on a bed ready to go I had all this energy things that bother me the way like you say like the stress it kind of hit you the same way. And then I had kids and life and fell into a little bit of depression with postpartum depression which led to other depression.


And you know that I'd have moments really you can do this I would get back on that track and I would feel the change but I was like I don't know there's something the way you said to me I was like it hit me I was like No this is not how we're meant to live we're supposed to live in that high of things feel good. I mean obviously we're going to have issues we're going to have aches and pains and you're getting older but our bodies were built to feel a certain way. And it's not okay for us to go through life feeling like now it's normal to walk through life in a fog because it's not.


Yeah absolutely and I will tell you that. So when I was having all of these symptoms I was going to doctors and getting tested because I thought maybe I had some sort of an autoimmune disease or something else was wrong because I knew the state that I was a and just it was just not healthy. And so they ran tests accurate tests and everything came back negative and I had several doctors tell me that it's this part of getting older and you having babies and I just wouldn't I wouldn't rest in that.


I knew that this was not how I was supposed to feel the rest of my life. And so I really had to take a more functional approach to how I was gonna get my health back. And that's really that's where all the research for me. But it was a very frustrating process. So if you're your listeners and you are going to the doctor and they're saying no everything's fine and this is just how you're supposed to feel that you can feel better you can feel better. There is hope for you.


You can feel like you have energy when you wake up in the morning. You do not have to feel like you're 80 years old when you're in your 30s or 40s or however old you are. So there is hope.


That's crazy that you had doctors telling you that because I mean to me that they should be saying that yeah they were ready to put me on prescriptions and they said you know this this is kind of part of it. I explained things like and I have a tribute to this if I felt like I grew up with somewhat hippie parents that I a lot of people their first go to as well as any medication and I know like when I was struggling with my postpartum depression and stuff my doctor wanted to put me on medication and I did for a while but I was like I am just not a big medication person I don't like the idea of putting something in my body to make my body feel the way I think it should feel naturally.


And I definitely think that there are things that we can do like like you said eating better than exercising is a huge part of what helps regulate all the things in your body that make you feel better. And so like I'm the numbers like my first go to isn't medication and it makes me nervous from a lot of people are like their first go to is will put me on something and you know sadly a lot of doctors are pretty quick to do that. When I think a lot of that could be taking care of with just changing our lifestyles a little bit.


Absolutely. And so this could be a whole different conversation but the amount of food company is that the pharmaceutical companies own would blow your mind. Oh I'm sure I.


Yeah yeah it's that easy. I think if you go down that rabbit hole it can be real intimidating and overwhelming to really like look at the big picture of what's going on in our world today. Yes absolutely. So I want to talk about your hello healthy program. Q Tell me a little bit about how it works what it is you know how can people learn more about it.


  1. So hello healthy is a program where women can ditch diets and get healthy once and for all you know and get their families healthy too. So there are different areas that we focus on. So one of them of course is move may get yourself out there and move five days a week 30 minutes. It have to be crazy you can do it right at home. There are free apps like the fit on app.


Amazing workouts on there the Nike training app is also amazing if you need free workouts free from home or if you know that you're not going to do it from home. Go grab a friend and get a gym membership or hire a personal trainer do what you know you're actually going to get done like until you can really trust yourself and then tell the habit is instilled if you know the home workouts are going to work for you. Don't put that on your calendar and expect to get it done.


Yeah it's not like I wasn't jumping around doing this to I thought about it. Right before we started recording I had two girlfriends that we kind of go to the same gym and we'll usually go at the same time rock we drop our girls off at school and we're like each other's accountability partners or not you know root we're not like Hey where were you today but we try to go three times a week and meet up and we go to classes or we'll go walk on the treadmill on top. And I didn't go today because I was taking my youngest one to get our flu shot.


And I remember we had record they both message me they were like Hey we missed you at the gym this morning was a really great class. And so having that accountability for me personally has been huge because when I get up I'm like how they're gonna they're expecting me to be there. Like on the days I don't feel like going I will put on my workout clothes and my tennis shoes and I will go. And because I know they're waiting for me there. So that's been a huge thing for me so anyone who's like I don't really enjoy it.


Exercise. Find someone to do it do it live and let me tell you if you're walking on a treadmill and you're having a conversation with somebody that's a good friend.


Forty five minutes to an hour will go by like nothing so fast and you're in community which is it's another piece of Hello healthy is reaching out to somebody that you love dearly every single day or connecting. Yeah. Connecting with your husband or your wife or your kids in your home like taking 10 minutes to just like really connect with people I think we're in this weird stage in technology where it's really I mean it's really taken over a lot of our lives which is beautiful because now we're more connected with people all over the world and we can build businesses right from our home.


And that's beautiful but it also takes away from our family to you and from a sense of community that we're not in the workplace. We're working from our home by ourself. And so we have to get connected. And so you go into working out with your friends. It's perfect getting that connection speeds and you're not feeling lonely which then can especially if you're raising babies that postpartum depression can even settle in. Up to a year after you have the baby you know there's so many hormones. I had postpartum depression all three times with all three girls so I totally understand that and community was a big piece of me helping me get out of it.


I love that you built that into your living. That's something that's that's not really talked about a lot when it comes to like getting healthy it's it's it's always diet exercise but we don't talk enough about the social aspect of it. I think that's I love that I love that you have that aspect in there.


Thank you. Thank you sir. OK. So the other ones are sleep. We have to get seven eight hours of sleep and a lot with a lot of my clients I have to do sleep training with them just like we did kids. I think there was some reason I put a lot of us are so accustomed to waking up so many times throughout the night learning to get good hard sleep will really it will literally change your life. So another area we focus on this water of course drinking half your body weight and ounces of water is so dang important it is sunshine.


So getting I mean 26 minutes of sunshine ideally and between 70 when we're all lacking in vitamin D I think they say ninety five percent of us have a vitamin D deficiency which that can cause why that can cause depression. And so it's so important for us to get outside what's so important which is many hurt. And just I don't know not be so trapped in our houses and in our offices and just remember that there is life outside of this building and I don't think that because it was always restful inside some sunshine and then the last one of the biggest pieces is nutrition.


So we do shorten our eating window which as everybody knows is called Intermittent fasting but it's really just that's just a fancy term for the time period that you are not eating. And this year includes anywhere from 12 to 16 hours as a woman you want to be careful the week before your cycle if more hungry you don't want a festival 16 hours right around 12 to 14 hours. Perfect. And then we focus on nutrition and so with every meal which we focus on three meals a day the five to six meals which used to be super popular that is just not give our body the amount of time that we need to digest and get through the amount of food that we eat before we eat again.


And so three meals a day if you're eating protein fat fiber and greens at each one of those meals you are going to feel full and satiated so being satiated gives you a sense of calm. And it almost releases anxiety if you have any. So if you sit down to eat and you eat until your body is around 80 90 percent full and you see it you should feel a sense of comfort. And so teaching my clients that is that this is the biggest piece that we teach our family so intermittent fasting is the one area that we don't have kids do.


The only thing I suggest is that you stop eating dinner or you stop eating two hours before bedtime and that goes for the whole family. Kids are fighting a chance early. I guess because you know if you eat like nine thirty at night and then you heard about it 10 you kind of feel a little achy your body doesn't feel quite right. When we sleep that gives our body time to heal and when we eat too close to bedtime when we're too busy digesting when we have time to get into that hearing mode as much.


So those are really the areas that we focus on. And hello healthy. It really is a functional program. I love the way that my clients are feeling after such a short. So I literally just launched the program about a month ago and they're already seeing such a difference already seeing the difference in their kids to which it's completely melt my heart.


Oh I love that and I love. I think you know I've seen a lot of programs out there and I've looked into several of them in the past and even back in my early 20s I would do things like weight watchers or I had friends who'd be like oh let's do this let's do that. I love that yours encompasses like the whole big picture and that includes the family too because again there's so many times that I've seen things where it's like focusing on just you as the adult or the mom or dad or whoever.


But like I look at my kids and my oldest one is getting into where she wants to cook. So for Christmas she got her own cookbook in her own apron and she's always asking to help with cooking dinners and one of my husband's goals for this new year is to cook more meals at home because we've been really bad about just like hey on your way home pick something up. And so our goal is five out of seven nights to have a plan at home meal. And so it's been fun to see her get to be part of it like she'll sit down with me and we'll go through cookbooks together and find recipes to create and so I love that you're focusing on the family not just the person because that's a huge I mean like we're not.


We don't stand alone. We are part of a community within our own homes and within our community itself and so I'm super excited for this program. I think it's going to do really really well.


Thank you. Yeah I'm excited. One big thing that motivates me is having my girls be able to leave their home and not do twenty seven diets you know exactly how to eat. They know when they go to build their dinner it's protein healthy fat greens and fiber. You know they know what to do and so they don't have to have that area of struggle. Me and I went through I tried them all. Grapefruit diets do you name it fruit and I did it. And so that is something that also inspires me as I eat them out.


It will have for life.


Well I'm not about whether the nutrition but just like you said the sleep and the getting out and being outdoors you know I think that especially now with kids like where they're so accustomed to come home and play video games or do this or do that I'm like No. Luckily we live on two acres and my kids are outside a lot especially when it's you know living in Texas you know. We don't really have a winter. And so like right now it's 55 degrees outside and we'll be outside later riding bikes and playing.


But I think there's a lot of kids who don't do that very often especially if they have parents that work till five or six o'clock at night and they don't get to hunt they're in childcare until you know it's dark and stuff. And so I think that's a huge component too and I just I love it it's looking at the whole big picture and not just one thing I say just like the going back to idea of doctors like one of the things that always drives me nuts my dad has had these issues for the past several years with different things and they're always trying to send him to a specialist.


And so someone will say well it's your it's your kidneys or no it's your heart or no it's this goes to this person and I'm like Why can't there be one person who just looks at the whole body you know like why can't there be a doctor who looks at the whole big picture and can tell you what's wrong why do we have to have somebody that's like I only look at the kidneys and they only look at the heart and I only look at the lungs or whatever it might be. And so that's how I feel about like diet programs a lot of it's like let's look at your nutrition or and I'm like well that's great but what about the rest of my life you know like or the fact that like you're wanting me to do something that's not sustainable for a long time.


And so I think you know listening to you talk about your hello healthy program I think it looks at this as a lifestyle and not a diet. And the fact that it encompasses everything in our lives that is so important how it all works together and it can't just stand alone is going to be what makes it have this huge impact for people's lives.


Thank you so much. I'm so excited about it. I just want to be able to leave the world a better place you know and a healthier place because I know it just impacts everything like I said before I like the way that I felt. I literally I mean my kids would come home from school and they'd say Oh do you have. Do you have a headache. You need to lay down you know.


And so it impacts everything and I feel like I can help women become healthier they're going to have healthier homes can be better wives better better moms better business owners there's going to have a more fulfilled life. So I think it's really really my calling.


That's amazing. I'm so excited. Well how can people find you and learn more about your program or learn more about you.


I'm most active on Instagram and Instagram Stories I get a ton of tips and little recipes and ideas for your family on there and you can find me at Mrs. MRSA be like the bumblebee E. Kahn CAIR and for Mrs. Khan. And then I'm also on Facebook. You can find me on that on there at B.


Carnahan you are in it.


Perfect. And I'll link to all those in the show notes and so people can easily click on it and find you and follow you. And is your program open for enrollment all the time or is it to have a window opportunity.


I was just getting ready to close so it'll be open and I'll leave it open since this podcast is coming out in about a week. It will close the end of January.


Perfect. Awesome. That's awesome. Yeah. OK. So guys go jump on it. Make sure you check it out. You won't regret it I promise. Thank you so much for chatting with us say I really really appreciate it. This has been so interesting and it's inspired me to start getting healthier in all areas because I know I need sleep especially I need to get more sleep. I'm such a night owl and I I've got to get better about that. So you've inspired me to definitely do that for sure.


This is your year.


It is. It is. Well thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thank you so much so I feel like this was definitely the interview worth waiting for. And I think gives a perfect timing for it with January starting fresh new year new healthy habits. And thank you so much to Barbara for taking time out of her schedule to chat with me and to share all of her amazing tips with all of us. I hope you are diving into some healthy habits this year. I cannot wait to see what 20 20 holds for you. Make sure you head over to the girl means business Facebook group and join in our conversation about healthy habits and which ones you are going to start working on in 2020.


All right guys. Have a wonderful wonderful week. I will see you back here next week same time same place.


If you love today's episode. Don't forget to click the subscribe button so you never miss when a new episode goes live then head over the tunes and leave a quick review to let the people know just how much you loved it. Thanks ladies. See you next week.



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