Episode 27 Transcript - Sharing Your Why & Your Passion with Charlsey Childers (pt 2)

podcast transcript Oct 02, 2019


Welcome to the girl Means Business podcast. I'm your host Kendra Swalls. Over the last few years I have built a business that allowed me to quit my 9 to 5, spend more time with the ones that I love and live my best life. Now I'm sharing everything I learned along the way with you. Each week my guests and I will share actionable tips tangible advice and honest conversations to help you build your dream business. So get ready to take notes and put in the work. Because this girl means business.


Hey guys welcome back to another wonderful week here at the girl Means Business podcast. We're on Episode 27 and I am super pumped about this week's episode because we have our first repeat guest. If you recall a few weeks ago I interviewed this amazing woman Charlsey Childers. She has the community always her with the Web site the blog the social media groups and we did a Facebook Live Together which several of y'all joined her group and popped it on the Facebook Live to say hi and learn all about comparison versus inspiration. It was an incredible Facebook Live event and I hope you got a lot out of it.


 In case you missed our first episode you can go back to Episode 22 cultivating, cultivating a community with Charles C. Childers it's a lot of C's there. So go back if you haven't and listen to that first interview with her. She is an incredibly bubbly vibrant amazing passionate lady and I am so glad to get to call her a friend. And today we are going to listen to part two of our interview together and in this part of the interview we are talking about your passion and your why and your purpose and with her community and with what I've created here with the girl Means Business podcast.


 We are both on a mission to help women become their best selves. We have a very strong passion to do amazing things and help other women do amazing things. And when you have a passion when you have a really amazing purpose for why you're doing what you're doing it definitely comes across to your listeners or to the members of your community. And so today we're gonna hear all about her purpose her passion her why and then we have a another exciting Facebook live coming up for you next week. We are going to be going live on October 10th at 10:00 a.m. Central Time.


 And I'll be sharing my side of this interview which is talking about my purpose my passion and my why. But for now let's listen in to what Charlsey has to say about her reason for starting the always her Facebook group.


All right Charlsey  Welcome back to the girl means business podcast. How are you today.


Fantastic fantastic I'm super excited to be here again at the session honor thank you for having me.


Well thank you for coming back. We had a great time the first time and we talked about your Facebook or your group in general that always her.


You've got the Facebook group you've got social media you've got the Web site and the blog. You've got this community of women who are coming together supporting each other lifting each other up and doing amazing things.


And I just love it. So I wanted to dive a little more into sort of how you are incorporating your story into that group of women. So real quick before we dive into that in case anyone hasn't listened to the first part of the interview. Just give us a quick little brief overview of what it is that you're doing within that community within always her.


Absolutely. So thank you for your kind words so always her is a community. The mission and the vision behind it is for it to be the source of inspiration for one million positive strong women to be unapologetically themselves and all they were created to be awesome and I love it.


And it's an amazing group. So if you haven't already joined I'm going to go ahead encourage you to hit pause and go join right now because I promise you won't regret it. And then at the end of this interview we're going to talk about some fun things that we're doing together in your group. Yeah. Yeah. OK. So we talked in the first interview together about sort of how you cultivated this group how you were able to build a group of six hundred plus women because I'm sure it's growing all the time.


 So by this point it could be even more. And now I'll talk about one of the things you mentioned which was the fact that it's such a supportive and amazing group of women who are really lifting each other up and they're there for each other. And when you have a bunch of women in one place that's not always the case of how it works out. So you've definitely created something really special. And you mentioned that a lot of it has to do well of course you said the quote that I love your vibe attracts your tribe.


 And you mentioned that you're sharing about your why and your purpose behind why it was created. So tell me a little bit how that looks, like what exactly is it that you're doing that's attract people into this group for this community.


Yes. Yes. Excellent question and thank you for your kind words. You know about that and about always her. And so you know what I'm doing. You mean as far as the practical steps I'm taking to grow the group or.


Well, yeah, let us start with like when you first started started the group so you start the group and you've got sort of a handful of ladies that are in there with you. How did you set the tone for what the group was going to be like.


Such a good question. I think it you know I touched on this a little bit before. I think it boils down to awareness and intention and so being aware of. You know the.


What you want to create, the type of environment that you are attracted to. That being aware of other women's why and being intentional about doing that and so you know always her is you know it's essentially about being authentic and being you know your authentic self and so all of the content all of the lives everything you see it is going to come back to authenticity. And it's always going to come back to that mission and that purpose.


Does that make sense? Absolutely.


And I think that this because there's a lot of Facebook groups I'm in that are geared towards women and they don't all have the same feeling to them. You know there's some that you go into and you have to tread lightly and you have to be careful what you say because you don't know. What the backlash is going to be. And I feel like that you've created a group that doesn't then have that feeling you know you go into that group and you feel like it's a safe space. And so what have you done.


 Have you been very specific in your guidelines have you just modeled it. Have you just found these, have you attracted these women who are just in this really amazing space that are not necessarily going to snip at people but they're just naturally going to support each other. What's taking place there?


Yes. Oh my goodness. Excellent question. So I think you know I think energy the energy that we bring each and every day the energy we bring to our to our businesses just the energy that we bring in general is so so important. And you know not just say that you know the always her Facebook group is any better than any of the other Facebook groups such as something that I noticed when I was you know in the very beginning stages of creating this community that. You know so many Facebook groups and so many other so many other communities you know focus around being a mom or you know being an entrepreneur or you know being a believer or being you know whatever whatever it is but that.


And all of those are amazing. There's nothing wrong with that. And but what about the energy. What about the energy heat because you know just you and I or mom but we could be totally different.


You know what I mean it doesn't define you as a person.


Oh yeah yeah totally. That's what I should have said yes. Good.


That is one thing I've noticed like in your group and I. And you're so right. Like there's moms groups out there that I'm in that it's all about being a mom and it's all about being there for your kid and what kind of lunches are you making and what activities your kids in. And then you have other groups for entrepreneurs that are what are you doing in your business. How are you balancing this. What are you doing to market blah, blah blah. And I think that is one of the unique things about what you've created is that it's a space for every woman no matter whether you're a stay at home mom who loves to do yoga and cook a super healthy meals for your family or you're the working mom or you're just the career woman who has no desire to have kids right now and you love travelling and spending time with your friends like this is a space for all those women to come to one place and I think that's something that has been needed because there's all these little niches everywhere.


 And you know there's not been a place that I've found that has combined all those things and is just supporting women as women and not trying to.


Label them as you're a mom you're a businesswoman you're an entrepreneur or you're a Christian your you know this or that or whatever it's you're just a woman and you're welcome here because of that.


Yes. Oh my goodness. Yes. And I think you know there is definitely a need and a space and a place for communities to be about moms to be about you know entrepreneurs like we all crave to feel like we belong somewhere.


We all want to feel safe. And I think you know just something that I noticed OK.


Yes if you want to you know for whoever you know for somebody listening right now if you're wanting to create a community like yes you might be wanting to create a community for moms or entrepreneurs or you know around fitness and faith or whatever it may look like in addition to that. What is the energy that comes with you know that comes with that. You know so if you're somebody if you're trying to build a community around you know working out consistently you know what do you have to. What type of energy do you have to have in order to work out six days.


 You know you have to be determined you have to be driven. You have to be loyal. You have to believe in yourself. And so you know so yes it's you know great to have that top layer. What is that deeper layer what is that thing that truly unites us all.


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All right guys head back to the show.


So I want to go back to the beginning what you were saying about you know you created this place where you were sharing your purpose and your why for why you created the group. What does that look like. Because I think a lot of entrepreneurs and people listening to this podcast have heard myself and other educators say like share your story share your why you'll make sure it's known that this is the purpose behind what you're doing. But what does that actually look like it. Is it your daily posting you know your why is it a mission statement is it just little things that you're doing like hobbies that look within your content.


Oh my gosh I love it.


Going deep I'll going deep affection and practical advice.


You know I think it. Oh my goodness I have so much there's so much there. You know so I'm in addition to being a community leader. I'm also a business owner. I have a skin care business and you know when oh my goodness let me gather my thoughts because I could literally write a book just about this topic. And so you know when we're creating a business you know I think we have. You know I think are y perhaps aligned with. Our intention if that makes sense. So if you're if you're building a business if you're.


 Let's say OK for example when you're building a business you might be doing it because you need to make five thousand dollars a month. You know you're looking for a way to you know be home with your kids.


You know there's a there's a different y. And it's a great why. There's nothing you know there's nothing wrong with that.


And you know and so really allowing that y to be your driver behind everything you do.


And I feel like outside of the business if you're you know in creating a business it's freaking hard work freaking hard work. And so if you're looking to create something in addition to or creating of movement or something that can perhaps be bigger than yourselves you know then really honing in on your purpose and your passion.


And so for example when I started my skin care business I was open.


I I guess I discovered I came into a community of women who supported each other lifted each other up and I had never seen anything like that before.


And I knew that OK running a skin care business isn't for everybody. Like not every single woman is gonna be called to skin care. That is not why God put you on this. Even though my like I love like my business you know. But it connected me to a deeper purpose. So you know initially my why was you know to to be able to stay home with my kids to create you know another source of income for my family. And so that was the driver behind you know what I did and that was the results that I saw were in direct alignment with my wife at the time.


 Does that make sense.


Yeah absolutely.


And so then like once I drove deeper into that and did a lot of inner work that a lot of crying did a lot of praying and I discovered like my purpose like why God put me on earth is to you know inspire women. And so OK what does that look like. You know creating a community and so it just.


It just built it just built on that and I feel like I'm kind of going all over this all over the place with a loving narrowed down right.


So let's say within your group you want to convey to your members the reason why you have created this group. What does that look like. Is it how your posting. Is it. Are you sharing your story all the time. Is it once a week you pop in you remind them. Is it that you have. A mission statement or like of some kind of welcome letter to your members saying this is the basis behind this group like what have you done maybe two or three ways that you have. Portrayed your y to the members of your group without me because I think a lot of people assume when I say you know share your purpose share your y they think of that as being like OK I have to go on Facebook and write this whole long story about why I'm doing what I'm doing and that's not necessarily what it looks like all the time.


 So what are some other ways that you have been able to get that across within your group without coming out and saying I'm doing this to do X Y or Z. Like have you been able to or how have you been able to allow your community to understand the purpose without constantly bombarding them with your story.




Yeah so definitely you know having a having a mission statement and you know you know from a practical practicality standpoint you know having your mission statement and then every once in a while you know once again being authentic it being natural if you feel led to you know share your y or part of your story you know then continue to you know to cast that vision and write it in a post you know that's I guess my first first advice or first thing that I have done. The second thing would be to you know really walk the walk.


And and you know what. So when it comes back to being unapologetically yourself. You know.


Having that having that having the Y having the mission you know just seep into everything you know that we do. So that it's not just it's not just writing on the wall. Right. It's you can feel it. You can you know.


You can feel it you know.


You know we have a big and bold dream of being the the these source of inspiration for one million women. So if that is my mission if that is my why. Then. We to move. We got to grow. We have to abort. We have to be creative in reaching women like it can't just be something that. I go back to and look at. You know what I mean it's got to be top of mind. So that would be you know really just walking the walk would be the second advice or second thing that I've done.


Oh my goodness. And the third thing. I think would be to.


Continue to you know ask questions and just be open.


You know what. What inspires me might not inspire someone else. And so that's really it.


So to connect it to being unapologetically myself and being authentically me that looks different for everybody. So being just really connected to the why and the purpose and the mission behind it and so asking other women what are you struggling with. Where can we help you. Where can we link arms with you. How can we link arms with you. What can we do to meet me where you are in your day and lift you higher. And so just really like. I don't know. Breathing that becoming a you know in the blood desert without getting like.




Now I think things are true and I think about like several different companies that come to mind that you know that they have a greater purpose than what they're doing. And like one of them was a friend of mine was selling Limpy Seiko products and they're these handmade like leather bags and accessories and things and they're beautiful and but the mission behind their company is not to sell bags. Their mission is to help these women go to university. The women that they have employed to create these products. And so it's not that they are throwing it in your face but they are making it obvious that they are.


 They have a greater purpose than what you're seeing on the surface I think that's really amazing though. One of things I want to make sure that people know is that coming up on October 10th you and I are going to continue this conversation. We're going to go a little deeper. We're going to dive a little further into this topic and and my side of it a little bit more in the always her Facebook group. So tell us a little bit about what we're doing and how people can join us.


Yes. Yes I'm super excited for it. So each month and always her we talk about a different topic. And in October we'll be talking about you know owning your story being you know the mess the mud and the miracles of your story and using it to help others and so on October 10th we're going to be able to hear your story. Kendra and I'm so excited. You know we all have. We all have a story. And that can be used you know as someone else's survival guide. And so we get to hear your story your mess your mud and the beautiful things that you're doing you know to help others with it.


Yeah. And I can't wait. I'm excited to chat with you more and share a little bit of my story and my why and with your community and it's gonna be really fun. So I will definitely link to that and link to the group on the show notes so anyone that is not already part of your group which hopefully after listening to our first interview they all rushed over and joined in. And so you're not getting the group I will link to that so you can join and check out our Facebook Live on October 10th.


 That'll be a 10:00 a.m. Central time figure out your own time zone because that's not something my brain can. Say.


I'm sorry. But thank you so much for joining us again.


It's been so fun and I'm sure we will have you on again in the future because this has been so awesome and yeah thanks so much. It's been really a great blessing to have you here.


Oh thank you so much and thank you for everything you're doing and then also thank you for everybody listening. I hope this helped you and inspired you in some way.


Awesome. Well we'll talk to you soon. Have a wonderful rest of your day. Awesome thank you you too.


Once again I want to give a huge huge thank you to Chelsea for joining us for a second time here on the Grumman Business podcast. She will go down in history as the first repeat guest we've had and I had to say it was definitely worth it because she's incredible. So again you can join us if you are an already if you are not already part of her. Always her Facebook group go join our Facebook group Dow. I will link it in the show notes and make sure you join us live next Thursday October 10th at 10:00 a.m. Central time where I will be sharing my purpose and passion and why behind the businesses that I have created.


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 I hope you're having a wonderful first week of October. I'm so ready for it to be fall and this is the beginning of it. And as always I will see you right back here next week same time same place. If you love today's episode don't forget to click the subscribe button so you never miss when a new episode goes live.


Then head over the tunes and leave a quick review to let the people know just how much you loved it. Thanks ladies. See you next week.


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