Ep 28- Do The Damn Thing - Overcoming Perfectionism in Your Business

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2019


Hey guys. Welcome back to another week here on the Girl Means Business podcast. I hope you're having a fabulous week/ Here in Texas where I'm recording this It is been a beautiful week because we have had the first signs of fall and I could not be more excited. In fact as I'm recording this I am wearing a sweat shirt, guys a sweatshirt!  But those of you there listening that are maybe up north or in colder states are thinking OK that's nothing special but for those of us here in Texas you'll understand that when you get to put on that first sweatshirt of the year it is like magic.


 And so I'm just praying this cold weather holds out because I love it. I love all it's one of my favorite times of year. In addition to this great fall weather we're having. I've had a really really busy last few days and I know that you're probably like what does that have to do with today's topic but I sort of feeling a little bit about sort of my personal day to day things going on. So I had a crazy busy weekend. I had a session on Thursday a wedding on Friday a full day of many sessions on Saturday.


 Sunday I finally got to relax by spent the entire day editing from the time I got up until about seven o'clock at night. I was editing but I got all of my sessions out and done and to my clients and it feels so good to have something done. But what I was realizing over the weekend too was that my computer is not keeping up with me. And when you run a business it's like you live on your computer. And for me it's my laptop and I have a MacBook Pro and I love it.


 Like literally it is the life of my business on this computer. It's what I'm currently recording this episode on is what I do all of my work on and it's just not keeping up with the demands. The storage is not enough the speed is not enough. And now even my keys on my keyboard are like falling off like literally falling off of the keyboard. It's pretty sad. And so I took it into the Apple store. They were like We can repair it but it's going to take two to four weeks to get it back to you.


 I'm like Yeah I can't live without my laptop for that long. I came in go an entire day probably without my laptop much less two to four weeks. So I'm super excited because my new beautiful upgraded laptop just came in the mail today literally just arrived like an hour ago and I contemplated recording this episode on my new laptop it was cool I should probably like figure out how it works first. But anyway this is just my way of saying I'm super geeking out over technology today because I cannot wait to dive into my new laptop and all the things that it can do.


 I also got my new phone this week so I'm like Well Apple is getting a ton of my money right now but I am heavy in technology right now with all of this new fun stuff I got to figure out how to use it all. So I hope you are having a great week. I hope it feels like fall where you are. I hope you are busy busy busy with this time of year and things are going super well in your business but today I want to talk to those of you who consider yourself a perfectionist.


Those of you who are working night and day to make sure everything in your business is absolutely 100 percent perfect.


Most likely you were the kid in school who always wanted to have a 4.0. Had to have that a average head to obsess over every single paper you turned in. Every project had to be completely perfect. You get really frustrated with people when you had to do group projects because they weren't pulling the weight and they weren't doing the work. They weren't as dedicated as you were. And I have to say that I. That's not me. I'm just going to be very upfront now and say that's definitely not my personality.


 I was the kid in school who was happy with a B. I never really aimed for like was not good but I was comfortable with B like I had 80 percent was fine with me. And it's translated into my life as I've gotten older and the fact that I'm really happy with just good enough and I know that for some of you you're cringing you're thinking oh my gosh how could you be happy with just good enough.


But I really honestly believe that that is what's helped me get my business to where it is now. And the reason I say that is because I know some of you listening I know you personally you are friends of mine. I have worked with you and I have seen how your perfectionism is holding you back in your business. It might look something like well my website isn't perfect yet so I can't launch my business or I haven't written a blog post in months because I just can't seem to get it right or it might be that your social media content is lacking because you're too afraid to put content out there.


 That's not up to par of what you think it should be. If that sounds like you. If that sounds like what you're struggling with in your business. This episode is for you because I'm going to walk you through a couple different steps and scenarios and how it looks in your business and how you can overcome that perfectionism. Now let me put a little caveat in here that I'm not saying perfectionism is a bad thing by any means.


There's parts of me that wish that I cared more about perfection in my business or perfection in my life in general because there's definitely times that I have not given enough of an effort or I've put things out there too quickly and had to go back and retract some things or change some things. So in no way am I saying that perfectionism is something that needs to be erased completely from your business your personality. It's part of who you are it's part of what makes you who you are and makes your business what it is.


What I am wanting you to do is to recognize the times when perfectionism is holding you back from moving your business forward the times when perfectionism perfectionism is the all or nothing attitude. It sounds similar to this like you're saying I haven't figured out my logo yet. Which means that I can't make my business cards because I don't have my logo. Which also means I can't go to that networking event because I don't have my business card so I'll just stay home. That is perfectionism holding you back from your business and it can sound like excuses.


 It can sounds like that you're making excuses for not doing things. But I understand that in your mind you're thinking no I really can't go to that networking event because I don't have my business cards and I don't have my logo to make those business cards the way I want them to be. And this sort of perfect perfectionism can cause you stress it can crush creativity and it prevents you from being productive and ultimately from being profitable. And so a lot of you I think that might be listening to this you don't even realize that you're doing it because you just see it as that.


 Well I want to make sure I do a good job. And yes I want you to do a good job. I want you to put out your best effort forward but I don't want perfectionism to hold you back from business. I don't want it to hold you back from taking the next step in your business. I don't want it to hold you back from doing something you really want to do and achieving the things you really want to achieve. All because it doesn't look like it's at 100 percent yet. It might just be at 80 or 85 percent.


 And so that's why I could titled this episode a fun title but it truly is the real way I feel. Just do the damn thing and I've said this to friends multiple times who have gotten stuck in their business and just do the thing. Just put the thing out there and it can be really frustrating for those of us who are not perfectionist who are like it's good enough. Just put it out there and I get that I am not trying to save that those of you who wanted to be perfect are doing something wrong.


 But again if I'm able to put something out at eighty five percent and it be successful then you can too. I promise you. So I'm going to walk you through five scenarios five tips to help you kind of move past your perfectionism and start moving your business forward. Tip number one is done is better than perfect.


Anyone who knows me or has worked with me you've heard me say this phrase multiple times done is better than perfect. And I believe this wholeheartedly. So in this case perfectionism is going to sound something like this. You're going to think well my website isn't up yet because it's not perfect. I don't have everything exactly the way I want it. I don't have all the photos I want out there. I need to go and shoot more sessions or I need to go hire a photographer to photograph these things before I can ever get my website out or it's saying well I don't know 100 percent who my ideal client is.


 So I can't start advertising to people yet I can't start marketing yet. I don't know who I am marketing to. Side note go back and listen to episode 2 and I will help you with that but that's what it's starting to sound like. And I know people I won't name names but I know people in business that I am friends with who have gotten stuck in this trap. They start going down through this rabbit hole of going back to the website example. My website isn't perfect. I don't have my menus exactly the way they're not spaced exactly the way I want them or the photos aren't as clean and Christmas I want them or I don't have all of my product out there yet or I haven't taken the photos I need to do this or I can't get the wording just right.


And it's stopping you from getting out there and starting your business. And that's called being on a half bridge. So in business you're building bridges you're going from one point to the next spring from point A to point B. And so in the terms of your website the example running with here point a is that starting point of building your website point B is where you have the website launched. It's out there for the world to see. And a lot of times perfectionists get stuck on that half bridge because they feel like they haven't gotten it good enough to put out into the world.


 But here's the thing guys you can't have a business if you don't have clients coming to you. You can't have a business if you don't have your information out there for people to find you. And so by not taking that next step by not putting your website out there then you are hindering your business from moving forward because people can't find you. And when it comes the idea done is better than perfect. I can't tell you guys how many times I've gone to somebody whose Web site and I've seen a typo or a picture doesn't load perfectly or the wording isn't initially fabulous but it gets the point across not once have I ever said to myself I'm not hiring them because they forgot to put a period at the end of that sentence or I'm not going to hire them because that photo didn't load when it was supposed to or I know that's a stock image I'm not going to hire them.


 That's never happened. Hey now I've not hired people or not work people for other reasons but it's never been because their website wasn't perfect. I think we have this idea in our mind of what things are supposed to look like and a lot of that comes from comparison. It comes from looking at other people's stuff and going wool minds not as good as that one our mind doesn't look like this or mine doesn't sound like that guys if you take this podcast as an example. There are so many podcasts out there in the world.


 If I sat here all day long and compared myself to every other business podcast out there I would never hit publish on a single episode. As you probably heard earlier in the episode I stumbled over my words multiple times. I could go back and edit that out but I'm not going to for a couple of different reasons. One I don't want you to think that I'm perfect when I'm not too. If you stop listening to this episode because I stumbled over my words then you are not someone who needs to be here anyway.


 And 3 I'm not going to waste valuable time in my day editing out every single stumble I make over my words or every time I say the word. Just to make it sound polished for somebody else that's not who I am and that's not what I want this podcast to be. Now there are definitely people out there who will go and have the higher ed is a little spend hours editing a single episode because I'm not going to do that because my time is more valuable than that and I want you to have this content in your earbuds more than I want it to be perfect because I'd rather it be out in the world I'd rather it be done.


 And in your earbuds then be sitting on my computer for no one to listen to because it's just not perfect. Imagine if you were talking to one of your children. I do this a lot with my own kids and I've had to remind myself of multiple multiple times to make sure I'm encouraging this in my own daughters. They will come to me with something and they are so proud of it. I mean it's for example my daughter my oldest one came home their day with this self-portrait she'd done in her art class and she was so so proud of it.


It was in her mind the best masterpiece she'd ever created. Now I could have sat there and I could nitpick every little detail of it that wasn't perfect but she's 7. I'm not gonna do that and I also know that in her sweet little 7 year old mind she's not nit picking the details in her mind. She finished that masterpiece and it was as good as anything she'd ever created in her life.


And I think that if we talk to our children the way we talk to ourselves in these moments of trying to be perfect imagine saying those things to your children you would never say those things to your children. I know what some of you are doing you're sitting down your computer you're thinking oh my gosh this is never gonna be good enough. This is ridiculous. This is stupid it's it's horrible it looks awful. I can't believe I'm even thinking about doing this. And if you haven't said those things to yourself I think you're lying to yourself.


 But imagine saying those things about your business to your children about the things they've accomplished in their life you would not put that on them so don't put it on yourself. Gays getting things out into the world perfect or imperfect. It doesn't matter. You just need to get it out into the world because somebody needs what you're giving them. Whether it's your product your service what you have to say an opinion that you have a thought you have an idea you have. Somebody needs that item. Somebody needs what you are offering.


 And if you are holding that back from them because it just isn't perfect then you're doing them a disservice. Maybe one more example because it just came my mind of a visual kind of representation of this guys I'm a horrible cook. I mean horrible. I don't enjoy it. I hate cooking. I only do it because I have to and I don't my family to starve. But if I could have somebody come and cook meals for us every single day. That's the first thing I would do if we won the lottery honestly I said probably hire a chef and a housekeeper.


 But I just don't enjoy cooking. So when I cook dinner at night I know it's not a five star meal. In fact it's not even probably a three star meal. It's not great. It's good enough but I'm not going to not give my kids that meal because it's not perfect. I'm not going to withhold food from them because it's not perfect but that's what you're doing in your business. You are withholding whatever greatness it is that you are creating for your clients you're keeping it from them because you don't think it's good enough when they need whatever it is that you're offering to them.


 So Dunn is better than perfect. Just jump in finish whatever it is that you've started with and don't let your perfectionism prevent you from completing the project that you're on. You can always always always make changes as time goes on because that's one of the great things about technology today is nothing is really permanent. Everything can be changed. So if you are working on that Web site and you put it out there and you get it launched that's out there for the world to see and then you realize two weeks from now.


Oh my gosh. I don't have this photo on there or I need to go back and add a contact page that I forgot to do that or I need to go and update the dates that I'm available or I need to go and update this product pricing.


You can make those changes. It's not permanent. Just do the damn thing and get it out there get it out there for the world to see. OK. Sorry. Dialing kind of went off on a tangent because I just get I get so passionate about this topic guys I really really really feel like some of you are using your perfectionism to hold you back. So OK moving on to number two use obstacles to your advantage. So in this case it might sound something like this like how this just isn't working out.


 Maybe it's a sign that I should give up or it's not going the way I want it to so I'm just gonna quit. You know I've had clients that I've worked with in mentoring situations where we'll be talking about things like email marketing and I'll say OK you just need to send Sudan email this week talk to your clients share something and they'll go and they'll send something out and they'll ask people to click on a link or whatever it is they want to do and they'll come back and they'll say well only 2 percent of the people I send it to clicked on a link.


 So this email marketing doesn't work for me. It just doesn't work for me. I'm it's not for me I'm going to move on to something else. OK. Well that's like saying that going to the gym one time and going it didn't work for me. So not going to go anymore. These are not signs that you are failing. These are not signs that you need to quit when you get to a point where something isn't working the way you want it to or it isn't working at all. It's a chance for you to learn from your mistakes or sit down and go OK what can I do differently how can I tweak what's working and what's not working I guarantee you that if you were to go and talk to any business owner who is successful you would hear them tell you stories of how many times they went back to the drawing board and made changes to their original plan.


 It was a podcast I listened to called How I built this on NPR and it's one of my favorite podcasts listened to for business because they interview these business owners and I think I've talked about on this show before about one of the things I love about it is that they don't necessary talk about the great things that happened. They do talk about that song but a lot of it is the struggles and the failures and the roadblocks they had to overcome in their business. And it's so inspiring to listen to because all we see is the finished product.


 We don't see what they had to go through to get there. And so I love listening to these stories of these entrepreneurs who have built these great things but also seeing how many times they came to a dead end or how many times they tried something it didn't work. They brought it back reconfigured it and tried it again. So in your business if there's something you've done and you've tried it and you've been like this just isn't working for me. So of just saying it's a failure. And moving on to something else.


 Guys look at it more closely look at it as an opportunity to figure something out to do differently. You know use the gym as an example because it's so true. Business is a long game. You know it's not going to happen overnight. You're not going to put one thing out into the world and it's going to magically make your business this huge success. You're not going to post one post on Facebook. You're not going to send one email and get immediate results. It takes time and it takes learning what works for your business and your clients.


 So just like going to the gym it's really easy to go to the gym and get frustrated when the scale doesn't budge or to even go to the gym for a month straight and not see the results that you want. Or maybe you're somebody who works all the time but you've hit a black plateau and nothing's changing. Well then you got to change up your workouts. You can't do the same thing every single day and expect your results to keep growing the same in your business. If you are posting to social media every single day but you're not getting the likes and the comments the shares the things that you want then try changing up your social media game before you just say well it's not working.


 I'm done. This isn't for me being frustrated. Try looking at that roadblock as a puzzle. It's a puzzle year to figure out how to solve. So what pieces are working and what pieces need to be reaching reconfigured or changed to look to make like something different. OK it's not a failure it's not because it's not perfect it's not because it didn't work out the way you wanted to the first time. It's the long game guys you just gotta keep pushing forward. So when things don't go the way that you want them to instead of getting frustrated and upset and shutting down and quitting reassess the reasons why and use that information to push ahead.


 And this just isn't for people who are struggling with perfectionism. This is business in general guys because this is something that I need to learn to do more in my business because it happens to all of us. We all get frustrated. There's so many times that I will put something out there expecting these huge great results and I get crickets or I get small little results and it's frustrating but instead of just saying take it all down I'm done I'm starting over with something new which is what a lot of y'all are doing which is what I've done in the past is I'm learning to say OK this part right here this one little piece of the big picture that worked but these other four or five things they're not working for some reason.


 Let me dive deeper into see how I can make those work as well as this one things working. Or to say none of this is working. What do I need to do differently. Is it the Web site. Is it the wording is it the copy I put into the e-mail. Is it the social media content is it. I'm not talking to my ideal client is it. There's so many factors. And so just to throw the baby out with the bathwater is not going to help your business. You've got to look at these obstacles as a chance to learn and grow and move forward.


 But if you're someone who struggles with perfectionism and you want to put it out there at 100 percent and you want it to be so successful right away you're just setting yourself up for failure. So be prepared for things not to go the way you planned and to learn from them and grow from them. All right. Number three is delegate. This is a hard one for anybody who one struggles with perfectionism or two struggles with control which to me perfectionism and control kind of go hand in hand because I can already tell what some of you are thinking.


 You're thinking OK well I need this done but nobody else is going to do it as well as I will I can already hear some of you nodding your heads going Yeah yeah that's true. They're not going to get as I want. And you know what. It's true they're not because they're not you. And that's OK. And so when you are in your business and you're thinking oh my gosh I have so much to do and I have to do it myself because if I ask somebody else to do it either it won't get done.


 I'll have to redo it five different times because they didn't do it they wanted to do or not look the way I want it to Lux was just easier for me to do it myself. You know I want a show of hands here how many people out there you feel like your plate is so overloaded because you're doing everything yourself because we're not intended to do everything ourselves at all. We're not good at every single thing in our business. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who is this super successful business owner and she was talking about how there's so many little things in her day that she could give off to somebody else but she just doesn't because she wants to do them herself because she feels like if I don't do them are they going to get done the right way or are they going to get done on time and it was stupid little things like taking something to the post office to be mailed.


 And my response to her was You need to focus on the things that only you can do in your business. Everything else can be given to somebody else. Some say that one more time for those of you that may have missed that you need to focus on the things that only you can do in your business. You know you think about like my business for example I probably will not hire associate shooters for my photography business because I am what makes my business what it is. It's my photography it's my work I'm the only one who can take those photographs for my clients but I'm not the only one who can schedule social media content or write email copy or post blog posts or edit or send invoices.


 Those are things I could outsource to somebody else if I really needed to or wanted to. And I do. Same thing with this podcast. I'm not going to outsource the recording of these podcasts because that's me. I need to do this part. But can I outsource some of the editing or can outsource some of the content creation that goes into marketing the podcast. Yes because I don't have to have my hand on that all the time. So if there's something in your business that you can delegate to somebody else or outsource to somebody else to take it off your plate do that.


 But if you do that you have to completely hand over that project to them and you have to be okay with the idea that it's not going to look exactly the way you want it to. But you know what it might look better. So for example I am not great with writing I'm not a writer. It's difficult for me. That's why I turned to podcasts about blogging because writing does not come easy for me. And I just don't enjoy it. So when I need copy done for a Web site or I need help with copy for emails that are going out or for landing pages or some social media content or whatever it might be.


 I outsource it because I know there's somebody out there who can write it way better than I ever could. And yeah I might go in I might just kind of check and make sure it sounds like me and it has my voice and has my personality in there but I'm not going to redo the whole thing because they did a better job than I could ever do. And when you get to the point your business when you realize there are certain things that only you can do and there are certain things you can hand off to other people it just frees you so much to focus on the things that you are really good at.


 So again if you can delegate some of that responsibility to somebody else that you can trust and rely on it's going to make a huge difference in your business. It's going to allow you to feel less stress less anxious and you can really give a 100 percent effort to the things that matter the most that only you are able to do in your business.


Hey guys. We're going to take a quick break from this episode to talk about one of our amazing sponsors honey book in this episode we're talking all about perfectionism overcoming the idea that you have to do everything on your own perfectly. And honey book can help you do that. As we just talked about this episode we were talking about delegating handing off responsibility to somebody else to help you grow your business. Because honey book is the perfect tool to help you do this. I know for me I used to stress over when I would get an increase from a new client sending out the perfect e-mail with all the right wording and the links everything that person needed with honey book.


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All right guys let's get back to today's show all right guys. Number four is take breaks if you're the type of person that thinks in order for my business to succeed. I've got to be working on it all the time. I'll take a break when this project's done or I'll take a break once this thing is finished. Guys you are wearing yourself out. I know all too well what it looks like to become a workaholic. I have never considered myself a workaholic until I started running my own business and I think part of it because I enjoy what I do so much that I could work on it 24/7.


 But I have to give myself breaks and when I'm specifically working on a project I'm feeling frustrated or I'm feeling stuck or I'm feeling like it's not as good as I want it to be.


The best thing I can do is walk away for a while I come back with a whole new clean perspective. I come back with a fresh attitude a fresh set of eyes and able to really look at it clearly again. So if you find that you are spending an inordinate amount of time on one project and you are getting exhausted and burned out on that one project or that one piece of your business take a break walk away from it for a little while.


Going back to the example of the Web site if you are building out your Web site to begin with and you are obsessing over it and you're constantly going back and tweaking it I want you to walk away from it for a day or maybe two days or maybe even a week whatever it takes. But take a break and make sure you are giving yourself a way to reset. And when I say take a break that can look like a couple different things. If it's just one particular project that you're working on that's really stressing you out and you are feeling like you are not getting it that 100 percent mark that you won or even the 90 or 80 percent mark that you want to walk away and work on something else for a little while.


 If it's your business in general that you're feeling frustrated with.


If it's just nothing is looking the way you want it to you're frustrated you're dealing with that perfectionism like drive that you have and you just can't move past the fact that things are not 100 percent yet. Walk away completely from your business for a couple hours. Go do a workout class go take a walk. Go have lunch with a friend go spend time with your family. It's OK to walk away it's all going to be there when you come back. And the great thing about your business is that it's your business.


 You get to decide what it looks like. You get to decide the time line that you're on. There's no one else setting deadlines for you. Most of the time. So you get to choose when something is published when something gets put out into the world. And so if you are struggling with something and you feel like that you are just be your head against a wall and you want this so badly to be done by the end of the day and it's just not getting there it's OK. Walk away and come back to it tomorrow I promise you it's not going to be the end of the world.


 And if you are able to come back and look at that project of that piece of item that whatever it is in your business with fresh eyes it's going to make a world of difference.


So don't be afraid to take a break. All right. Number five and I saved I guess the best for last or the most difficult for last and that is stop looking at what everyone else is doing. If you are struggling with perfectionism in your business and you are struggling because you don't think that what you're doing is good enough I guarantee you a big part of it is because you're looking at what everyone else is doing. So I had a mentor client I worked with a couple of years ago and she kept coming to me saying I just I can't get this to look right I can't get this to work for me I can't do this I can't do that.


 And I started asking her questions as well. What is it. She was working on trying to get names and clients onto her email. So she was creating a lead magnet which we're going to talk a lot more about in a couple episodes. But she was creating a lead mine at trying to get new clients onto her email list and she was struggling with getting it created and putting it out there for people to start downloading and opting into. And I said well what is it that you feel like is keeping you.


 Because it looks great. It's the contents they're the presentations they're what's stopping you. And she sent me about four or five other people's you know landing pages and often forms she's like I don't know I just I keep looking at theirs I keep thinking that there's something they're doing that I'm not that's that's keeping me from putting this out there and that's when it occurred to me that it wasn't that she was looking at her own work to be worried about it she was looking what everyone else was doing and she was comparing what she was creating to what everyone else had created and she felt like she was coming up lacking.


 Guys here's the thing about business and here's the thing about perfectionism. First of all there is no such thing as perfect if you are scrolling through Instagram and you're looking at all these fabulous photos of people on vacation and in these glorious clean kitchens with their kids and matching outfits or whatever it might be. That is not real. The perfect photo that you see is not real. What you don't see is the mess. They swept off into the corner of their kitchen before they took that photo. What you don't see on that vacation photo is the argument they got into with her husband a few months before that because all she cared about was getting the perfect photo or the fact that they were sick half the time or their kids were running around like crazy or whatever it might be guys.


 There is no such thing as perfect. And so when you start comparing your imperfection to the made up version of perfection you're seeing in other people you're never going to live up to that you're never going to reach that level because that doesn't exist. And so stop comparing what you're doing to everyone else. The second thing about that comparison piece is that you don't want to do what everyone else is doing. You want to stand out. You want to do something different. You want to do something that people are going to look at and go Wow I haven't seen that before or I haven't seen it done in that way.


 And so if you're trying to live up to somebody else's version of what they've done in your mind that's perfect. You're never gonna get there. So you have to set your own standard. You have to set your own bar and go. My version of what this looks like is x y z and I'm going to achieve that. I'm not going to worry about any of us is doing. So if you're working on something in your business and you find that you are constantly looking for other people in your industry or doing stop turn off the computer get our social media.


Don't opt into their email list. Don't even go to their Web site because you don't want to do your copy of what they're doing. You want to do your version of what you're doing and that is going to help you to feel like you are more prepared to put that out into the world whatever it might be. It's easy for me to say that don't compare yourself. I know that's hard. I did a whole episode back in episode 3 or 4 about comparison and how much it can drain you and how hard it is to get past it.


 But guys if you are struggling with perfectionism and you are letting it hold you back in your business adding that comparison piece is just going to make it that much harder because it's so stinking difficult.


So please please please please please make sure that if you find that you are struggling to get something finished because you're looking at what everybody else is doing put on your blinders just focus on what you have ahead of you and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing all right guys so that does it for today's show. Hopefully those are some really helpful tips that you can use to help you move forward in your business if you are really feeling stuck. If you're really struggling with this perfectionism and you just can't get past it head over to the grill means business Facebook group.


 If you're not already a member click that little join now button. We would love to have you in the group and let's talk let's chat about it. Let's work through it together. That's why that group is there to help you get questions answered. Create community and really share your thoughts ideas with other people who are in the same situation as you.


Again I hope you all have a wonderful week enjoying this beautiful fall weather. Hopefully if you're up north it's not too cold where you are. Maybe you're getting snow. I don't know that kind of awesome. I will see you again back here next week same time same place. Bye guys.


If you love today's episode. Don't forget to click the subscribe button so you never miss when a new episode goes live then head over to tunes and leave a quick review to let the people know just how much you loved it. Thanks ladies. See you next week.


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