EP 28- Creating Your First Lead Magnet

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2019

  All right guys today we are talking all about lead magnets. Now you might be asking yourself what exactly is a lead magnet. Well if you go back and listen to Episode 19 you will hear me talking all about email marketing and how to get started with email marketing and one of the things I talked about in that episode was creating a lead magnet basically a lead magnet is anything of value that you are exchanging in return for someone's contact information.


 So usually you're looking to get their email address so that you can add them to your email marketing list. Now the most commonly magnets you've probably seen and have fallen victim to are the ones that tell you to save 10 or 15 percent off your next order. So when you go to Web sites such as The Gap or Old Navy or Sephora they're going to have a pop up screen that comes up when you land on their page offering to give you a discount on your purchase in exchange for your email address. Now I'm sure some of you are thinking right now.


 Oh I hate those pop ups and I get it. I don't always love them either but sometimes the value they're offering is just too good to resist. And I always end up putting in my email address and then I end up on their email list. Now here's the thing is as much as you can roll your eyes and say that you don't like those pop ups and you don't like giving your email address. Take a look at your email inbox. How many times have you opted in to someone else's lead magnet.


 I bet you have something in your inbox right now from some retailer or service provider that you just can't unsubscribe from because you keep telling yourself someday I might need this. For me it's usually shopping websites. I've got two little kids so I get emails from justice and Children's Place in Oshkosh and Gap Kids and all these different places where I shop for my children because I know the next time I go into that store I want to have their latest discount code or coupon in my inbox.


Several years ago it was as simple as putting a pop up on your Web site and saying Hey sign up for my newsletter. And people were willing to give their email address to get that newsletter to hear from you more often. But these days people are holding tight to their email addresses because we all have that inbox that is flooded every morning with tons and tons of junk e-mail that we have somehow subscribe to. So these days if you want people to hand over their email address to you you have to be willing to give them something of value.


 If you go back and listen to Episode 8 I talk about a number one marketing tip and that is to offer your clients value every chance you can get. And it all starts upfront with the first time they get in touch with you. The first time they come across your name your Web site your landing page whatever it might be. If you are immediately offering to give them something of value they're going to be willing to hand over that valuable email address that they hold so dear and dear in order to hear from you again.


 So you know what you might be thinking right about now. OK. Kendra this all sounds really great but where do I begin. How do I come up with a lead mindset. I can't offer a 10 percent discount because that's not how my business works or I don't have something free I can give to potential clients. So today I'm going to walk you through the five steps to creating your lead magnet from scratch as well as some examples of lead dynamics that have worked really well for myself and other successful business owners.


 So if you're ready let's jump in and get started talking all about building out your first lead mindset. So step one is to really define your ideal client avatar. I know you've heard me say this so many times. And in fact there's a whole episode in episode two where I talk about how to narrow down your ideal client because I say it over and over and over again because it is so important to really know who it is that you are targeting and when it comes to your lead magnet. Knowing who you're targeting is going to help you decide what it is that they're going to want to hear about when you really know your ideal client inside and out.


 Then you're not having to guess about what it is that they need or what you already know what they need or want. And here's the great thing guys. Your lead mine it does not have to directly relate to your business. You want it to appeal to your ideal client so they will want to hear from you more. Now I'm not saying that if you're a photographer go off and offer health and fitness advice but if you can find a way to connect with your ideal client offer them something of value that you already know is important to them that they need or they want.


 They can also connect to the offer that you provide the service the product you can provide. Then you are going to have the perfect lead mindset but it all goes back to really knowing that ideal client. So make sure if you have not already created an ideal client Avatar go back and listen to episode 2 so that you know that you're creating something that he or she is going to really want and need and be ready to hand over their email address in exchange for a step. Once you know who your ideal client is now you have to identify your value proposition.


 This is what is it that you have to offer your ideal client. So when you know your ideal client really well you know what they want or need. And now you know how to give it to them. So a perfect example is let's say that you are a personal trainer and you know that your ideal client is a busy mom who doesn't have a ton of time to go home and cook super healthy meals for her family every night so you can create a lead magnet that gives them five easy weeknight meals that are perfectly healthy for your family.


 It doesn't have to be a huge give. It can be a one page PD app and we're going to get into what your lead man it looks like a little further into this episode but I don't want you to feel overwhelmed. You can give a lot of value in something very small. I can't tell you how many times I have signed in or opted into someone's email list just to receive something as simple as a one page PD f or it could it even been a short video tutorial. There's so many things that I've opted into because it offered me value but it wasn't anything huge it wasn't necessarily a giant e-book or an entire mini course on something.


 Don't worry about making it this big value. Just make sure you're making it something that they need or want and that they can get results from. You want to make sure what you're offering in your lead magnet is something that is not going to overwhelm your potential client so keep it simple like I keep coming back to the idea of the one page PDA for the two page PDA guys. I cannot tell you how many lead magnets I see that are just a simple PDA F.. It might be just those five quick little recipes with a cover image.


 It might be a video tutorial with you showing them how to make the your go to weeknight dinner or it could be a workout video that you give them. Or it could be tips on how to create a breakfast smoothie using what you already have in your pantry. There are so many ways that you can create something of value that your clients are going to want and then the key is to get them to opt in and then follow up with more value through your connection with them later on. So again just make sure you're not letting yourself get stuck in this spot.


 I know this is a place where a lot of people get really really stuck and if you listen to last week's episode where I talk about overcoming perfection in your business this is where I see it happen a lot. People get really caught up in what they can offer a value that they feel like is going to be worthy of sharing with somebody and they try to make it into something bigger than it needs to be. It doesn't have to be anything crazy. It does have to be huge. It can be really really simple.


 I was working with a newborn photographer for a while doing mentoring and she was struggling to come up with a value to give her ideal client profile. Her ideal client is obviously a new mom who is pregnant for the first time and excited and nervous and figuring it out as she goes. So my idea for her was to create just a checklist. What are the things that you really need to have in your hospital bag when you get ready to go into labor or what are the things that you need to make sure you have in your nursery when you bring the baby home.


 It wasn't anything crazy in death. It was literally a one page checklist of the items that you need to have in your hospital bag or the items you need to have in your nursery when you bring the baby home. It takes 10 minutes to create an canvas. And it's nothing super in-depth but it's something that your ideal client will really find value in. So again don't let this step bog you down. Don't let this step overwhelm you. If one of the best ways to really get narrowed down in your value proposition what you can offer is to brainstorm.


 Just grab a notebook and start writing down ideas. What are some things that your ideal client needs that can relate back to your business in some form or fashion. It needs to tie into your business in some way. So with the newborn photographer offering advice to new moms makes sense because she is part of the new mom process giving newborn photos of your baby and photos of your new family as a family of three instead of two. That's part of the process as she is starting out with capturing these potential clients early on by helping them through the journey of pregnancy.


 So it needs to relate back to your business but it also needs to meet your clients where they are now. That newborn photographer wouldn't want to have an opt in that is five things to bring to your newborn session when she's targeting women who are newly pregnant because they're not in that mindset yet. So make sure when you're brainstorming ideas of how you can offer value to your potential clients that you're offering something that meets their needs where they are right now. Now secondly you want to make sure that your your lead 9 at your value proposition gives them something that they can take in or accomplish quickly.


 So offering a 20 page PBF might not be the best option because a lot of times people want to consume things quickly. They don't want to spend a ton of time digging through content information. So keep your lead magnet ideas short and sweet. If you're doing a PDA. Keep it to just three or four pages Max if you're doing a video. Keep it to five or 10 minutes. Make sure that it's something that your potential client can see quick results in. So if you're offering to help them with something make sure it's something that they can do and find success in quickly.


 So if you're offering them those five meal plans that you can do on an easy weeknight meal make sure that you're offering recipes they can use with ingredients they might already have in their house. You want to make sure that they are able to get value and results quickly because that's going to let them know that you can help them reach a point that they are trying to get to quickly and easily and they're going to come back to you expecting you to help them again. And that's the whole goal. You want them to want to come back to you.


 All right. Moving on to Step Three so step three is to name your lead magnet. Now this might seem like a really simple step that you just kind of breeze past but naming your lead magnet is really important. You want to make sure that name you give it leads potential clients know what they can expect from that lead magnet. But you also want it to be catchy something that they're going to want to pay attention to because it catches their attention. So go back to that brainstorming idea and try to come up with a couple of different names that you feel like really get the point across of what you're lead Magnus offering but is also going to be attention grabbing and I love taking this to social media.


 So if you have narrowed it down to two or three different titles go to social media and ask people which one they prefer. If you're not ready to put it out there for the masses go into Facebook groups you can even head over to the girl means business Facebook group and ask for our opinions. We're more than happy to give you our feedback getting feedback from other people that are business owners as well. Kind of gives you a different perspective. Sometimes you'll find that the title you thought was really great. Other people didn't like as much they didn't understand it.


 They didn't know what it was offering and the title that you didn't think was quite so wonderful. They all love. So you never know what you're going to get. But it's always nice to get outside of our own little minds and outside of our own bubbles and ask for feedback so don't be afraid to take your title ideas and get other people's opinions. Hey guys we're going to take a really quick break to talk about one of our amazing sponsors convert kit since we're talking all about lead magnets. An email marketing convert kit is your all in one email marketing platform.


 It allows you to really easily keep track of all of your e-mail clients. You can even segment them into different lists so you're not just sending out emails to everybody on your list. You can pick and choose who you want to send your information to. You can also tag your email clients with different tags letting convert kit know why they've signed up what they have what purpose they serve in your business. So for me personally I have a million different tags set up because I have tons of people coming into my email list from all different places.


It allows me to see which emails are opting in from different lead magnets that I've created or when I go to an event I can collect email addresses of those event and I can tag them that they came from. That specific event and then I can reach out to just the people that have that tag it makes email marketing so simple and easy to use. I also love that convert kit allows you to create landing pages within their program. So no more having to go and create a separate page on your Web site or use a different program to create a landing page.


 So if you're creating a lead nine it and you want to send a potential client to a page completely devoted to the content within that lead magnet you can do that right inside convert kit. It allows you to create beautiful landing pages so easily you can just drag and drop the information and it will take the information your potential clients enter and put them directly into your email marketing list. It is so incredibly simple. I cannot promote it enough.


So if you're interested and try and convert it completely free. Head over to bitterly fought slash GMB convert kit. You can also head over to today's show notes a girl means business. Dot.com forward slash Episode Twenty nine and I'll have the link right there for you. I promise. If you are wanting to really get into email marketing convert kit is the way to go. So head over to Billy forge slash G M B convert kit or today's show notes at girl means business dot.com forward slash Episode 29 and check it out for yourself.


 I promise you won't regret it. All right guys let's get back to today's show. All right guys. Step four. So now that you have come up with an idea for your lead by Matt you've given it an amazing title. Let's talk about what type of lead mindset you're going to offer. I know we've already gone over some of the different types and examples in here but I want to make sure that you know there are all the options so that you can choose the type of lead mindset that's right for your business.


 A couple of things to remember or keep in mind when you're creating the type of lead by that you want to offer is one you want to keep it simple. If it's overly complicated or too confusing then it defeats the purpose. If no one knows what you're saying they won't be able to appreciate it. So keep it simple concise and packed with value. Secondly you want to focus on your strengths. So if you're a great writer then creating a PDA or writing a small e-book would probably be your best format.


 But if you're not so great at writing maybe you're better in front of the camera. You could go with a video tutorial and you want to make sure that you are giving your clients something that they can take value from as quickly as possible. You want to give them quick wins because that lets them know that you have something of value that's going to help them and they're going to want to come back for more.


So the options for creating a lead magnet are pretty much limitless if you can create it and come up with it and people are going to want it. Then do it. But here are a couple of the most popular lead magnet formats to give you kind of a starting guide a starting point or some ideas of what you can start creating. So the first one and one of the most popular ones is a guide or report of some kind. So this typically falls into the latest trends in your industry or a guide on how to accomplish something.


 So you could create a guide on how to create the perfect fall look using the makeup palettes that you have or you could create a report on what are the latest trends in the photography industry. Coming up the next option is a cheat sheet or a checklist of some kind. So this is similar to what I said earlier where I was talking about the newborn photographer that created a checklist of items that you need in your hospital bag or you could create a checklist about what foods do you need to have in your house in order to create healthy meals for your family.


 The third option is a toolkit of some kind or resource list. This is where you're providing resources and tools that your potential client can use to do something within their life. So for me I have one that I offer that is the top resources to building a business. The things that you really need the resources you can use to start your business today.


The next option is a video training so video trainings are really good where you are doing demonstrations of some kind. So if you are teaching someone how to create the perfect date night makeup look in less than five minutes then a video tutorial is going to be really helpful. They can see it in real time. If you are showing somebody how to a symbol something or how to cook a meal and you want to demonstrate it and talk it through as you go then a video is great for you. If you're someone who loves to be on camera or you just feel like the topic or the value that you're offering requires a little more in-depth instruction than a video is a great option.


 And keep in mind guys videos don't have to show your face. There are tons of video tutorials out there that just show images or slides or PowerPoint presentations so don't let the idea of a video training scare you off before you really think really in-depth about what you can offer through video tutorials. All right. The next option you can choose is one you've probably seen a lot and have also given in your email address too and that is the free trial. Try it before you buy it option with the business box which is the monthly subscription service I've created through girl means business Web site I offer a 30 day free trial so because it's a monthly subscription service I wanted people to have a chance to try the first month free see what it is that they're getting before they decide if it's a good fit for them or not.


 And side note Shameless plug here. If you have not checked out the business box head over to grow means business dot com for slash business box and check it out for yourself because I bet that you have tried the free trial at some point in your business. There are tons and tons of websites that offer a free trial. Most online programs and platforms are going to offer a 14 day free trial. It allows you to get into your account. Start playing around with the features they offer and decide if it's something that you feel like is a good fit for your business or your life.


 It's also a great way for them to get in touch with you. They want to make sure that you are getting as much value in those 14 days as possible to make sure that you want to stick around.


So if you're offering a service that allows you to give your potential client a try before you buy option that's a great way to get them into your service your business. Offer them tons of value so if they want to stick around. All right the next one is a hugely popular one and that is the discount. We talked about this earlier in the episode where you go to a shopping Web site and the first thing that pops up is enter your email address for 10 percent off your purchase. If you are able to offer a discount of any kind on a product or a service it's a really easy way to get people to give you their information.


Everybody loves a good discount especially if they were already planning to purchase something on your site. It's also a great way to get return clients because a lot of times and myself included in this I will go to our Web site and start looking around. I will have signed up for their 10 percent discount and then I get distracted and I leave but I am now on their email list and I can get emails from them reminding me that I have my 10 percent discount code to use. So I am more likely to go back to their Web site and use that discount code than I would to try to remember what website I was on what I was looking at or I may have just forgotten about it completely altogether.


 So if you can offer even a small discount that's a great option for a lead segment. Now the last one is to offer a quiz or a survey of some kind something that is going to show them something some kind of result they want to know. Two great examples of this one is the any Graham test. If you follow me on social media you know that I'm kind of obsessed with the NEA. GRAHAM I'm in any of Graham's seven and I talk a lot about just how much that it relates to me as a person and who I am with my personality and just in life in general.


 So in order to find out my any. GRAHAM No I had to go online and make an assessment. Most of the assessments you'll find are gonna offer a free assessment but you have to give them your email address or to get your results and then they'll follow up with you and give you tons of value and information after that through their emails. Another one is if you follow Jenna Kutcher she has a quiz that she offers that's called What's your secret sauce. It's a little assessment that you can take that gives you feedback on what are your strengths and how can you use that to grow your business.


 It's a really genius idea. And if you are willing to dedicate the time and energy into creating an assessment or a quiz of some kind that offers your potential clients some really great feedback and value. It's a really fun way to get people interested and sharing their information with you. All right guys so those are seven different types of lead magnets. And if you go and you search online or go to Google and you type in lead magnets you're going to get tons of Web sites that give you some great examples.


 So if you're still feeling stuck on what type of lead magnet to create then I suggest either heading over to our Facebook group asking for your help and feedback or do a quick google search and see if you can find what other people in your industry are doing and find a way to make it your own.


Again I never want to to feel like you need to copy what somebody else is doing but if somebody else in your industry is using a lead magnet that's working for them find a way to take what they're doing. Make it your own and make it even better. All right guys so we're on our last step. Step five and that is to actually create and deliver your lead magnet. So you feel like the best way to explain this next step is to walk me through how I created and now deliver a lead magnet to my potential brides.


 So in my photography business I cater to brides a lot. That's why I shoot a lot of his weddings. So I thought that would be interesting to kind of walk you through the creation process of the lead mine that I created for my potential brides. So since my potential brides obviously are planning a wedding and weddings can be stressful. I created a lead nine that that was a wedding a stress free wedding planning guide. So what it is is a PDA f about five pages long that walks them through tips and ideas for how to create their dream wedding without all of the stress that comes with wedding planning.


 It's nothing super in-depth it's nothing super crazy. So to create that lead mine and I use the program canvas. Now if you've listened to this show you know my love for camera runs deep. It's one of the best Web sites I have discovered. It's free. You can purchase a pro plan but you don't have to it's completely free to create their stock images you can use. They have done for your templates. It's amazing. That's where I've created all of my lead magnets. So to create the wedding planning guide I went in to Canada and I selected the magazine template I did or magazine or document I could they were they've changed the name on a one of the two but a lot of times what the documents have is they'll have magazine templates where you have five or six pages you can use that are similar in style so you'll have a cover and then you'll have four or five sort of inside pages that you can customize and create the way you want.


 So I started off with creating kind of a cover page. I used my wedding photos I put my title across the top and I created at the bottom. I put who is created by us. I put Paisley Lane photography at the bottom. So when they download their free guide they know it's coming from my business. Then in the inside I created four or five pages with all the wedding planning tips using images from sessions and weddings I had done and then added my contact info at the end. I saved it and I downloaded it as a PBF document.


 So when you open it up on your laptop it looks just like a PDA document or you can scroll through the pages. OK. So creating the lead magnet itself is not that difficult if you're doing any kind of PDA guide then canvas for you if you're doing a video tutorial you can use something like YouTube or even a quick time video on a web page if you're doing a quiz or assessment or a discount code then you create those within your company Web site. The difficult part comes when you're wanting to figure out how to deliver this to your potential clients.


 So those of you that are not super tech savvy this is where I'm sure your brains are spinning going. OK. So does that mean every time someone opps into my lead mine it I have to manually send them the lead magnet the freebie. No. What you need to do is you need to sign up for an email marketing program. You heard me earlier in the episode talk about convert Kit and I cannot say enough good things about convert kit I was previously using a different email marketing company because it was free and when I realized it it just wasn't doing what I needed and I wasn't able to use my lead mine with the way I wanted to.


 I switched to convert kit and I've never been happier. So the way these email marketing programs work is you're able to create your lead magnet landing page within the email marketing website. So for me I go to convert kit I create a landing page or a pop up box and I put all the information about what the lead I get is what it's going to do for my clients. I can add photos and then it gives me a place to collect names and emails. I publish it and I share that link on social media on my Web site wherever I want to share it.


 Now when someone goes that landing page or that pop up shows up on my Web site and they enter their information the information is automatically sent to my convert kit email list. It gives that user a tag and it puts them in a certain category within my email list. So I now know that they are a potential bride who is on my list because they downloaded the stress free wedding planning guide. I have a series of emails that go out to them after that but the nice thing is convert kit does all the work for me so I don't have to worry about remembering who I've sent the free page to or who I've given the guide to already.


 As soon as they enter their email address they immediately get an email in their inbox that says Here is your free stress free wedding planning guide. They have a download link they can click it and it downloads the PDA for right to their device or computer. So so simple. It also allows me to create automated emails that will go out to them for the next couple of weeks with tips on how to get ready for their wedding blog post that I'm going to send them to. Pricing guides for my photography information.


 And this is how I get a lot of my wedding clients. What I've done is they have gone through the entire lead mindset process. They saw a free download a stress free wedding planning guide. They clicked on it they enter their name and email that name and email went into my email marketing Web site where they were then sent an email with their free guide. Over the next four weeks they're automatically receiving emails from me with valuable information and helpful tips. Now when they start thinking about a wedding photographer they're gonna go back and see how much of value I've given them and they're going to want to hire me as their wedding photographer.


 All of this is done automatically. It's set it up once and then you don't have to think about it again. That is the greatness of a lead mindset and combined with a good email marketing platform it's set it and forget it. Once it's done and it's out there all you have to do is keep marketing that free download link. So posting to your social media once every week or two sharing it on your Web site putting it in blog posts at the end of every blog post have a link for them to download whatever the free is that you're giving them.


 Don't be afraid to share your opt in your lead in your lead. Mine it everywhere you possibly can and as often as you can. I know sometimes it can feel like you're being obnoxious or overbearing or you're sharing it too much. But guys you're not. People don't always see it or they see it and they don't realize they need it until they've seen it three or four times. Think about how many times you scrolled through your Facebook feed and you've seen the same ad pop up but you don't pay attention to it until it's the third time you've seen it.


 So make sure you are putting it out there is many different times and ways that you can. All right. So let's do a quick review of what it is you need to do to start designing your first lead magnet. Step 1 was to define your ideal client. Make sure you know who you want your lead magnet to attract and appeal to too was to identify your value proposition. What is it that you are offering to them. What promise are you giving them. Step three was to give your lead man a really good catchy name that grabs their attention and lets them know what they're getting in your lead moment.


 Step forward to choose what type of lead magnet you're going to offer. Remember to keep it simple and focus on your strengths. You want your potential clients to get quick wins. You want the lead magnet that you offer them to give them something right away so that they know they can trust you and want to come back to you again and finally create and deliver your lead magnet. I cannot stress this enough guys I'm not trying to push this on you too much but having the right email marketing platform is going to make this whole lead magnet idea so much easier.


 It's kind of the key piece that ties it all together cause you can create a really great lead magnet. But if you're not able to deliver it easily quickly and reliably. That's the word that is not going to work. So make sure you find a platform that works for you and makes it really easy for you to get that lead magnet into the hands of your potential clients. All right guys. That does it for this week's episode. I can't wait to see what amazing lead magnets you've created for your clients.


 I would love for you to head over to the girl means business Facebook page and share them with us there. Let us help each other out. Cheer each other on and you might find some people to network with. You might find someone that's willing to share your lead magnet and you can share theirs as well. All right guys. Have a wonderful week. I will see you back here next week same time same place.


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