Video Marketing with Patricia Kelikani

Like, forget it. Try to forget about the fear that we have. Forget about how we don't like how we look on camera. Because the value that you'll be able to share with others, the impact you'll have on others and your own business is so powerful.


Hey, friends, welcome to the Girl Means Business podcast.


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OK, so now I want to tell you about our super special guest today. She is an Emmy Award winning film producer. Patricia Kelly. She has helped companies double and even triple their revenue using video marketing. She is 15 years of experience traveling the world as a documentary filmmaker, creating story driven promo videos to help companies make more money and producing a national television series. Guys, her interview that I had was in credible. This is a longer episode because there's so much great information because she is just a wealth of information and I cannot wait for you to hear it all.


So if you have ever thought about video marketing or you're curious about video marketing, this is the episode to listen to. So I'm not going to hold you up any longer. Let's dive right in to my chat with Patricia Calacanis. Hi there, Patricia Calacanis, welcome to the Girl Means Business podcast. Thank you so much for being here. Hey, Kendra. It's so good to be here.


Well, I'm excited to chat with you today. I'm excited to learn about what you do. So let's start there. So tell us about who you are and what you do and how you got started in that business.


Yes. I am a filmmaker and video marketer. And basically, when I was younger, I wanted to be a broadcast journalist. So after college, I applied to TV news, reporting jobs and pretty much heard the same thing over and over again. Your hair is too long. Your voice is too high pitched and you look too young. So after that attempt, I ended up taking the first job offer I got, which was a corporate job. But it turned out because I ended up creating a new department that focused on increasing the business's revenue with video.


And that's where I really discovered this new passion that I had that I didn't even know I would have. And that was filmmaking and video. Mark could really make their own lucrative videos, is what I call it, to grow their business. So that's when I started to do it. Then show business owners and entreprenuers how to create their own lucrative video is for high impact and more money. So that is my story in a nutshell.


Hopefully, no. I think that's awesome. And I always love when people's stories of take them on the path they never expected because. And especially when, you know, you like you said with years you had this vision of what you thought you wanted to do. You wanted to go into that broadcast journalism and to have those doors closed. It's opened up this whole new world. I always go back and think, well, what if what if I had never gone on the path that I went on?


Or what if I'd never? What if I went distruction so that direction. So it's always you look back and see like where life is taking you and obviously you're loving it. And it's giving you a lot of freedom of flexibility to do what you love and find a passion that you're excited about sharing with others.


Yeah, it's I mean, it's definitely a God thing for sure. So. Well, awesome.


  1. So video, that's what we're here to talk about today. And I know this is something that people are hearing a lot about, like video is huge. You do post more videos. They get more interaction. They get more views. And with Instagram TV, which is something I've been wanting to get more into it, I just haven't yet. I know it's a big deal, but can you talk a little bit about why video is so important right now?


Yes. So, I mean, video. I mean, as you know. Right. That know like interest factor. Like, in fact, I just listen to your podcast. That was all about that. I loved it. By the. Thank you. Bye. Yeah. Video is so great because that's where people can instantly have that new like and trust factor with you that you can connect with them so fast and literally take them from the white space in that, you know, the business funnel and draw the man and convert them into a customer immediately.


Like it's crazy. Like it happens all the time in my business, in my client's business, because in the online world. Right. Like that first interaction to our business is our Web site. I mean, sure. You know, social media may lead them to our Web site, but that's like our kind of like in the physical world, that would be like our brick and mortar. Right. We can greet them in person like a brick and mortar or like a restaurant or whatever.


And so video, you can greet them in person that's aware we can greet them. And so it's just it's awesome. I love it. So, you know, research backs this up to like Aberdeen Research found that businesses who use video grow revenue. Forty nine percent faster, which is crazy. Cool. HENN And HubSpot found that 64 percent of customers are more likely to buy after watching a video. So it's just, you know, the research is there.


From my own experience, my clients like, it's just amazing.


When I saw it first, I love the analogy of like the store front and the fact that when you do when you walk into a place and you're greeted by somebody, it makes a big difference. I was the. I guess the idea that popped in my head was they just recently opened here where I live, this little floral shop and they stopped went by one day just to see what it was. His brand new went into the spot where another business I used to frequent was before them.


And I was there for play 30 minutes talking to the owner and just hearing her story and talking about, you know, what made her open the shop and what she's going to offer and her plans for the future and all these different ideas that she has and had. I never gone in and actually had that conversation with her. I drive by that place every single day, but that personal connection makes me want to go. Next time I need flowers, that's where I'm going to go.


And it's so true about our Web sites, too. Like, yeah. We don't get that opportunity most the time when somebody goes to your Web site. It's just they're seeing a still image of you or not. So I feel they don't have their photos on their Web site, which is kind of sad in my opinion. But, you know, people want that connection. And I think to what you mentioned about online, not thinking about my Facebook feed and all the things that come through, and if it's a stock image, like, for example, I I bought into those I know never to hypotensive Laine's longe hair like curling iron hair dryer stuff that's all over the place.


And had I just seen a photo of the products I private, I've been like and they're fine, whatever. But because I've seen all these videos of people like doing their hair and showing off their products, I'm like, oh, I bought into it so fast. You know, it does make a huge difference. We're just not noticing those things in our own shopping habits.


Yeah, it's so true. And you know, another thing, too, is going back to the Web site analogy is and you know, so many of our Web sites, you know, like you said, have text that introduce ourselves and a picture, hopefully. Right. And the thing is, is with text, your ideal client brings your emotional baggage with them. Right. So so they will read that text based on how they're currently feeling. So let's say I'm on someone's on my Web site and let's say I don't have a video and.


And they're you know, they they're exhausted. They had a bad day. Maybe their back hurts, whatever.


So they're going to read the text and it's going to be like a Patricia Highsmith homemaker, a barfly, help you grow your business. Okay, I've got it.


And it doesn't do what you want it to do for them. Right. So like instead, if you had a video, they push play and instead they see my smile. I'm greeting them all the setting. And like when we see someone smile at us, it automatically lifts our mood. Right. And then I can personally greet them. And, you know, they can basically I can evoke the emotion that I want them to feel. So I can even add music to help with us.


Like we see this in films all the time. Right. And of course, you know, your personality comes out, all of that stuff. So you can literally have people experience the emotions that you want them to feel with your brand. And that's why I just it's so powerful and it's just I love it. Like that's I just. Yeah, that's so true.


I never thought about that. But we do we kind of we read text through our own filter of how we're feeling that day. It's so interesting. I love that. I love that. Okay. So you mentioned your video on your home page. So let's kind of give in to through the nitty gritty of the videos and how you think people should use them. So you mentioned the home page thing. Do you think that that's something that every or most business owner should have is like a welcome video for your visitors to your site?


Definitely. I especially like, you know, for photographers like any even like dentists, doctors like that. Basically, the businesses where you have you're booking clients and even really for product based businesses like I think people love to see the person behind the brand talking about it as well. So really, whatever business you have, I think a home page video is a necessity. I think a home page, like basically a website without a home page is a client lost because you lose that connection.


So so, yeah. You know, going back to your podcast on the new like trust factor, I remember you were talking about. OK. So, you know, if people are comparing photographers, let's say and you know, both are talented, they both cross the scene. And you mentioned that know like and trust factor, they're going to go with a person that they think they're going to like better that they're going to trust. And I feel like video is what really will step you as solich apart and from the other photographer or whatever business you have from your competitors, because that's where they come new like and trust you.


In two minutes. Yeah. And they'll see your smile in action. They'll hear your voice. They'll just they'll experience you and they'll be like, oh, my goodness. Yes, I love this person. I am so going with her or him or whatever. And and that's like in one of my clients, with one of my clients, she's actually a dentist. And like what? Dennis Teds video on their website.


Like nothing I've ever seen. Yeah. So we added video. We added a Web site banner video, which is like that background to video with no audio. But it plays at the top and it usually will have like a call to action button on top. So which is, by the way, like one of the easiest is to me. And you go. And we also made a home page video. So we see the dentist on camera saying, hi, welcome to Session Satch.


And she talks about how she's different from her, like from the other dentists. And immediately after she added those videos, after we launch them, she got an influx of patients. And it till this day. Patients will still come in and be like, yeah, like we you know, we were looking for a dentist, for a grandma. And then when my sister and I saw your videos, we were like, we need to come here, too.


So it was just it's just a powerful way to really have your ideal clients experience. You experience your brand through video because it really is the closest thing we have to real life.


Yeah, connection. Well, and I think you mentioned the voice part. I know for me I get tons of emails from like I shoot weddings. I get a lot of brides e-mailing me or their mom or email me or whoever. And when I'm just reading an email, you know, obviously we all know that the story of how emails, the message can get misconstrued, this and that. And so like a lot and I just hop on a call with them.


If it's been, you know, this back and forth, I'm like, how this feels like a client that's going to be really difficult to work with. And then once I hear their voice and once I get a sense of like their personality, it completely turns around, you know, and the same thing goes the other way, too. But there is something about hearing someone's voice. You know, you can look at a picture like, for example, when I get people coming to me saying like, hey, I want to be a guest on your show.


And I get like there one sheet with their photo and other info, like I can see a photo of you. And I'd be like, yeah, let's Sanscrit have a conversation. But when I actually start having a conversation with you, that's when the connection happens. That's when the magic happens. And yeah, with social media and everything being online, we don't do that as much as we should. So I think this is really, really interesting.


I'm excited to learn even more. So here's a question for you. What do you tell clients who come in? You're like, okay. Like, so, for example, go with, like, your dentist example. Maybe a lot of times people feel uncomfortable on camera. How do you approach? Someone is like, I know I need to do video more, but I hate being on camera. What's your advice for that?


Which is so common? I know.


I really don't know anyone who loves to be on camera and everything to like I don't like we don't like the sound of our voice.


I don't like the sound of my voice. We don't like to see ourselves on video. Like, it's just weird. Do I have what I call a Cruz technique? And it just basically takes that camera from feeling like a scary monster or a really bad ex-boyfriend to you, a feeling like they're our best friend. And so because when that camera feels like our best friend, we're going to be more confident. We're going to be more comfortable. We're going to have our personality shine out.


So my Kreis technique is an acronym and C stands for a cheerleader. So you want to pretend that that camera is your best friend, but not just any best friend, your best friend who is your best cheerleader, like the one who just always encourages you and always has like, you know, just great things to say, boost your confidence. Like hopefully you have one of those in your life if you don't find one. But yeah, that'll definitely help.


But even you can even put a picture of them via camera and then R is for rehearse. So, you know, it's it's such a great idea to just, you know, have your talking points, maybe your script and just practice being on camera. Also, like, you know, setting up your camera, like, where's the best place? Find out when you have the best lighting coming in through your window or whatever medium to practice setting up the lights if you have some external lights.


All of that stuff. Because once you get that down, you'll feel. It just better and more confident as well. And then you it's for and mask. So you want to show your authentic self on camera. Right.


And what I love to tell people is pretend you're just making this video for your best friends, like those friends that you go to dinner with. And you have a blast with and you're laughing and just like your total self. Just pretend you're just making it for them because that's when, like, your personality will just shine and come out because that's what we want. Right. Definitely. Yes. And then the eye is for ignite. So. And fortunately, the camera has this power to make us look like we're completely and energetic.


I mean, the camera is an amazing like superpower. I would say in itself, but it's like when Wonder Woman didn't know she had like her super powers yet, remember? Did you watch that Wonder at the Wonder Woman movie? Yes. OK. So it's a scene where she's at practice scene with the Amazons and she's like fighting with one of them. And then she, like, crosses her arms cause she's like going to get beat up. Right.


And then like all of a sudden, it's ray of light comes in like zaps all of the Amazons away and knocks that energy out of them. It's kind of like that. Like the camera I can do.


And so we need to be even more energetic. I usually always have caffeine before I go. And it's going to feel weird at first, but. But yeah. Just ignite that passion within. And then as it's first stylize, so you know. Do you ever boost your confidence like put on that make up if you want. Do you like curl your hair. Like I have super straight hair.


I like to curl my hair. I don't do it a lot. But when I do, it just gives me like this extra balance. I don't know why. For some people, it's wearing new socks. Like what? You know what I do?




And then the E is for embrace. So embrace who you are. Like, you know, when I was going back to college and back in the day when I wanted to be a TV news reporter, my professor, journalism professor took me aside and she told me she was like, Patricia. God bless you. It with a soprano voice. But if you want to make it in the news practice speaking in a lower tone, and obviously that didn't really work out for me.


But the key word is that I'm blessed like I'm blessed with a voice that I have and everyone else is, too. You are blessed the voice that you have. So use it because when you have, it can help others. And, you know, like, forget it. Try to forget about the fear that we have. Forget about how we don't like how we look on camera. Because the value that you'll be able to share with others, the impacts you'll have on others and your own business is so powerful.


So that's kind of my crew's technique on getting on camera. Yeah, definitely.


The E is the hardest one because we're all so self-critical. Like we we all find things to nit pick. And that was one of the things that my for 2019 was that was going to be more put myself out there more with mostly with with photos like I did a lot of images of myself on social media and talking about my own like inner monologue and inner struggles with loving myself and self-care and all this. And so now for twenty twenty, my next step is the video, which is why I'm so excited chatting with you.


And I think that what's helped me a little bit, too, is just going and watching videos like I'll just go on YouTube and I will find people to watch. And what I am discovering is that there's all these women out there. You know, there's tons of to do, like the fashion video, the fashion blogging or blogging and makeup tutorials or, you know, like you people like Amy POTTERFIELD who go on and create videos to post for informational stuff.


And watching all of this has helped me see there's there are so many women out there of all different sizes and shapes. And, you know, they all have different hair types and different skin types and they dress differently and a different personality types. And seeing that and realizing that they can be successful and that even though they may not have like the look that I think I should have before I go on video, I'm still captivated by what they have to say.


So that's been really helpful for me, is just going out there and watching other people's videos so that I don't feel like I have to fit into a certain mold, I guess.


Yeah, that is helpful. And also to like the more like anything, the more we do it, the more we get used to it. Like now when I hear my the sound of my voice on video now I don't think anything of it because I'm just used to it. When I look at myself on camera like I first took, it was super uncomfortable. But now I don't think anything ever. It's just like, you know, whatever. And so it's so helpful just to keep doing it.


And it just gets easier and easier.


Yeah, OK. So let's talk about how you create your videos. Do you have any tips for us on the way to easily create these videos? Cause I think. The idea of doing them sounds really great. Well, yeah, let's do a video. We need to put more video, but then the technical side of it. How do you actually create these videos that look like they weren't just taken on an iPhone while you're walking down the street?


Yeah. Yeah. So really. Okay.


So there are three parts to a lucrative video and it actually stands for a map. So the M is for messaging. So you want to have a strategy, you want to have a plan. Like what outcome do you want with this video? What call to action do you want at the end? All of that stuff. Then you also want to you obviously have, you know, the messaging. So know what you're going to say, how the all planned out.


And then the artistry, right? Is it filming and editing? So a in math is for artistry. And as far as filming goes, like, you know, like some simple tips are to just use your window light, but make sure it's an indirect lighting. Right. I mean, you're a photographer, so I'm sure you're a pro at this.


But when anything you can do to you is like, let's say you have this sunlight coming in directly. You could put like a white curtain over your window and that'll just soften the light and it be super flattering on your face or you can just being in direct sunlight through your window. You can also buy a light kit so you can get one for like sixty seventy dollars, an Amazon, two lights, the stands. All of that stuff. Because really, when it comes to the look of our video, it's all about lighting.


We like to like photography. Yeah. And so the lighting is so important. And that's a way we'll just, you know, make our skin town look amazing, even though it's not in real life. And we can literally look better on camera than in real life with some of these little tips.


Like it's pretty crazy. Yeah. And then audio. So like you could I. Okay. I see it. Don't use your built in on camera microphone whether that's your D.S. LA or your iPhone. Now I think for like social media, if you're doing like an instant story or alive, that's like on the fly. I think you're on camera, phone, microphone is OK. As long as you're in a quiet place. But I like to just keep this little $20 microphone in my purse and I can plug it into my phone and just attach it to my shirt.


Hide the cable and in. It's not like distracting. And I will use that because it just makes me sound so much better. Like I've literally done that is in loud in a loud airport. And you could still hear me clearly even with like the speakers, like the the next whatever flight going off in the background, like you could still hear me super clearly. And it's so great like it. You know, you just keep it in that little pouch and pull it out of your purse and bam, like you have great audio.


Can I tell you my little hacked.


I did for the. Yeah. So I was recording a posing guide for boudoir photography and I needed a microphone and I had ordered one. It didn't arrive in time for the day that I was shooting. I had a home like model lined up and I had like a friend coming to help with the the video part of it. And I knew I was just going to record like onto my phone. I knew I was like you said, you just had one of the clips on your plug of your phone, your record on that.


So it didn't come in. I was like, what am I gonna do with me? And my husband was like, well, what if you just use like your headphones from, like, your iPhone headphones? And like, well, I don't want to have like the headphone part, you know? So we were like, well, what happens if you just clip off the earbuds and just have the speaker part like an attached to your phone. So I literally I had I took an old pair of iPhone headphones.


I cut off the all of the little microphone, peaceful things that I cut off the top of it. I cut off the other set of headphones that earbuds. And so it's just one chord now that plugs into my phone. I attached like a little clip to it. I clip it inside my shirt and it works amazingly.


Oh, my goodness. Yeah. I mean, it's probably not as good a quality as the one that I actually ordered. But for that thing, it worked great. I've used it for a couple of things, too, because I can just up my purse and take it with me somewhere. But that's asthough.


MacGyver. Hi. Basically, MacGyver, it was all totally his idea was like I was like, no, I have to go to Best Buy tonight and find something. And he's like, it's 10:30.


Like, you're not going to slide and it's awesome. So I would.


MOLPUS You don't have to have like super fancy equipment. I think that's the other thing people get really intimidated by is like, oh, my gosh, I have to go buy, you know, this big fancy camera or I have to have the lighting set up or this. Phone or whatever. But there's ways you can do it and still do it well without having to spend a ton of money on it. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, like that hack.


That's a perfect example. And you know, if you don't want to spend money on lights and you just use your window light just in time, it with, you know, a good time of the day and it's free. Yeah, exactly. Let's see, where were we? I think your time on audio.


So you're time. I like the artistry part of.


Yeah. Okay. So. Okay. So those are some tips like some a little click those mean tips that are super budget friendly, especially yours. And then. So the P in map is promotion. And so this is like this is the key. Well, they're all important, but this is how to get your ideal client to see your amazing video that you just made. So you want to optimize it. And he is still ACP ads for promotion.


Yes, he is for promotion. Okay. So the first step is you want to optimize it.


So you want to use the right keywords, do your research. You know, figure out what people are searching for, the exact wording so that when a people type it into like Google or whatever, your video will pop up or your website will pop up. I'm also to like if you post this video on YouTube, then this will also tell YouTube what your video is about. It'll help them. And then they'll promote it to others who are interested in that same topic.


So it's super important. And then you also want to, of course, publish the video after you optimize it. So put it up there on your website, on social media. YouTube, put it online it in and share it right with your audience. So email, social media, all of that stuff, you want to get views to that video and then you want to repurpose it because like, you know, unlike. So like videos. Right.


Or super fast. Easy to do. But if you're doing a pre-recorded video, which I believe is actually more powerful than a life video, 'cause you have the editing that brings in those magical pieces like the music, the B-roll, which is supplemental video footage like it just it engages the viewer so much more. You want to repurpose your video like take advantage of the fact that you have this amazing piece of content. And so you want to re-use it like Post-it everywhere.


You can make another video like let's say you filmed the role. Those supplemental video footage like let's say for your home page video, use some of that B-roll for now, a website or video or use that B-roll for your, you know, like a video. Another video you make on YouTube or whatever. So that way you don't have to keep re filming things and setting up shoots and stuff like that. You already have being a video content. You can pull from.


So those are just some examples. But yeah, that's the the map to Luke is messaging, artistry and promotion. And from there it's can be like awesome.


I love that. OK. So what if we do this? So I kind of when I walk through the process of start to finish of like creating a video. So let's do, for example, if I were to create a home page video for my photography business. So the first part, like the messaging, obviously, I would need to map out, you know, what it is that I want to say. Obviously, if it's a homepage, but I'm assuming like I'm introducing myself.


I mean, I do see my business. Correct.


So, yeah, the first thing you want to do is welcome them. Right. So you want to greet them. Say your name, your business scene, whatever. And then like your elevator pitch, basically to see what your business does in like that one sentence. And you want to do that at the very beginning because you like high end Patricia case. I'm so glad you're here. I'm Patricia Calacanis and I show business owners and entrepreneurs how to create lucrative videos for high impact and more money in your business.


Like that type of thing. So just that click. And then from there, you want to basically set up why what you do is a priority and you want to do this through empathy. Right. So like in the the dentist, the example there. Everyone knows that you need to see a dentist, right, to have healthy teeth. So she didn't even talk about that, but she did. And what we had to do was set her apart from the other competitors, right.


All the other dentist in town. So what she said is we totally get that the dental office isn't exactly your favorite place to go to. Whether your life is super busy or you feel anxious about seeing a dentist, we're here to change the face of dentistry so you can actually look forwards your dental appointment. And then she goes from there. What actually will make them feel like you? Do you want to go? Because she has movies. She has a comfort menu.


She has like all these like spa like features where you can literally sit back and relax and escape the business of life. So that's kind of what she how she set herself up in a unique way compared to her competitors.


Okay. Let's see. But now I want to go to that. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I literally feel relaxed, like right when I walk in and it's pretty amazing.


That's amazing. I went and I tell them what I want to watch in from there. So you've said, you know, you tell you tell them at the end, you understand kind of like what their problems are with her. Then you want to tell them, like what you can do for them, what transformation you can give them. So like going back to that dental experience from anxious to relax. Right. So like you would basically you want to use those transformational like lucrative words is what I call it.


I have like a lucrative vocabulary list where you go from like feeling lost and overwhelmed to feeling, you know, like focused and confident. So basically, you want to use those opposites, those what are that? What's the actual term for opposite words? Acronyms know the acronym antonyms, Anthony. I was like I was like, I need to get to go back into like my second, third grade brain. Okay. Yes. Antibalas you guys. And then.


And then. Yeah.


So part 3 is the result, which is hiring you or your product look like. What can it do for them? And then the last part is just leave them with a motivating last line. Encourage them to, for example, you know, call and schedule a 15 minute discovery call or to download the free resource you have about session, such that type of thing. And so in smiling, it's like. Yes, really smart.


I know every day, like. So I recorded welcome videos for my bid for my wedding in my boudoir site. I don't love them. I want to go back and redo them. But I by the time I was done, I was like, I feel like I'm cheesing so hard. But it doesn't look like that in the video. But it's like I tell my clients all the time in photography, I'm like, you have to overexaggerate everything. Like, I tell my boudoir friends my goodbyes say push your hip out like you've got to really push your hip out.


And that's how I felt when I was recording that. I was like, oh, my gosh, I'm smiling so big. And I'm like Overy doing it like the animation. But, you know, just being like overly animated in my conversation, I was like, but it doesn't come across that way in the video.


You have to, like, really get it to grow. Yes.


So how long when you're mapping out your video? Like what's a good length of time that you don't want to ramble on forever, but you don't want to keep it? So like, is there like kind of a magic timeline there?


Yeah, I think around two, three minutes of it's great. And it could be even shorter like. I mean, it depends too like on like what type of business you have, like for the dentist. Going back to her, it was only literally five sentences. I mean, they weren't sure. But it was pretty. It was like around a minute mine. It is like, I think three minutes. Okay. Just enough for you want to, like, hook them.


You want to, you know, connect with them. And then basically it's like that's like you asking them out on a date. You know, it's like like the date would be then the download your lead magnet and give them it. They give you your email address, their email address. A date would be calling you for, you know, a discovery call or whatever booking you for the photography session and that type of thing. OK.


Awesome. I love that. I'm already thinking in my head I'm getting so many ideas of things I want to do now. So let's get to the artistry part of it, because I think, again, this is kind of where the technical side of it comes in. So when you get ready, you've got your messaging, you've got it all mapped out. You know what you're going to say. Now, how do you bring it to life on camera?


Like, how do you set it up? Do you include B roll? Do you just have a talking head kind of video? Like, what do you suggest there?


So I think B roll is fantastic because it does bring in more engagement and it brings in more like and makes it know I can trust factor stronger. And this is I think this is why I love prerecorded videos because you can add so much more engaged mean and grab your viewers emotions like just so much. It's just so much more powerful. But of course, it takes more time, right, than doing like a talking head video. But but going back to the first step is, you know, when you film, you want to figure out where to film your video.


So I'm a big fan of filming in your workspace.


So, you know, a lot of people are like, oh, I need a Bilandic background so that the background looks y or a mix, you know, has like that. Cool. The weird pattern, thearea, like I haven't I need to buy HGTV again.


But, you know, just stuff like that. Yeah. I'm a big believer that you want to make your viewer feel like they're right there with you. And when you have something up like a background, it just makes them. It reminds them that they are watching a video because when do we talk to someone in real life and there is like a white piece of paper. Big. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So like for me, I do a lot of my videos just in my office.


And when you do choose your space, though, of course, you want to do. So you want to organize it. You want to clean it up, take away any, you know, like messes, all that stuff, you can add in like some. You know, maybe some products you have, maybe like for you, you could put like a camera in their background, that type of thing. And then, of course, you want to set up your lighting.


So make sure that the window light is gray or if you have a ring light or soft boxes, set those up. And let's see here, of course, test the audio and then from there after you have everything set up. I also like to tell people to take a break. So set everything up because it can be a little tiring. Like just, you know, you've just organized your office or whatever, you ha you set up some lights, camera, the tripod.


All that stuff. It's a little tiring. So take a break. Grab your favorite lights. Hey, whatever it is, smoothie, tea. And then just like, sit back, relax. Think about what you're going to say on video. And because the last thing we want to be is tired from setting up or feeling frustrated because maybe we had a deal with a tech issue. Right. So take that like 15, 20 minute break, however long you need.


And then sit in front of the camera and press record and do your thing.


So. OK. Let's talk about the equipment. So what do you recommend? I know most of the people who are photographers. Obviously, we have our DSL, our camera that week that does video. I just switched to Sony meritless and they have their great video capabilities. But let's say there's somebody out there who is not a photographer. What equipment do you recommend for actually recording the video?


So your phone, you can start out with your phone and then get a tripod like you can get one on Amazon for like twenty five dollars. I actually have a budget friendly video accessories guy with all the equipment. And that way you stabilize your camera. So it isn't look shaky or anything like that. You don't want to hold your camera for something like your home page. OK. And get the external microphone. So again, you can get one for $20.


And you know, if you want to get lights, you can get a nice light kit for 7D to get a ring light or just use your window light so that that's like necessities in it, like right there.


And will you send me a link to that guy so I can share it on the show notes page for everybody. OK. Perfect. OK. So we're doing the recording. Do you recommend having somebody come and help with the recording or is it better? Do you think it's easier just to do on your own if you are if you don't have somebody that can help you?


Can you do it on your own or does it require so for B-roll, like let's say you need video of you doing something in action, like let's say for you, your B-roll would be you taking pictures of clients. Right. I definitely think obviously be so much easier if like your husband or your friends, like, got video of you in action. OK. And I've done that, too. Like, I brought my sister in and just kind of, you know, set up the camera for her and she just, you know, like it kind of touched her a couple things.


And she actually literally got B-roll for me. OK. And then yeah. But when it comes to like, you know, if you're able to you can also get B-roll, though, by just putting her camera on a tripod and, you know, make sure that you are obviously going to be in the shot in the right spot. But. So you don't necessarily need it. But in some cases, it is easier. And for like your home page video, when you're talking to the camera, you don't need to bring anyone in because your phone or your camera will be on a tripod.


So, yeah, you don't need to. But if you want that moral support, go for it. And I suppose it just is nice to have somebody there.


So you're not having to like run back and forth to the camera or, you know, if you haven't set it further away or. I don't know. I've had a good friend come in and we cut the trade off where she recorded. She was behind the camera for my video part, though. We would flip and I would be by the camera for her. Pardon? We were in a studio, so we would take turns like getting video of a shooting or like messing with our cameras or doing whatever.


So if you have a friend that you can like trade off with. That's a really great option as well.


Yeah. Yeah, I love that. That's a great idea. And then I'll say to you, like they can also look like make sure like if you're wearing like a sleeveless shirt. Make sure like you don't have any like bra straps showing and your hair is in the right spot. That type of thing. So, yeah, that's great. And then they could just give you pointers like you did your smile. Isn't it really like you now that like I've seen better smiles on you, you know?


Well, I know for me, like, it's nice just to have somebody to kind of laugh at things with because there's that a couple of times where it's just me by myself. And I'm like, okay, I've got an hour, my daughter's nap and we're out to the studio and I'm going to record these days, I'm going to go in the office, record these videos. And when you're I don't know about if you've gotten to where you get it, but I've never recorded a video the first time and how to be perfect like I've always recorded like probably ten to twelve times or more.


And so just having somebody else there to be like, oh, my gosh. Like because it can be exhausting when it's just me and I'm trying to record a video and then but when I have somebody else. They are the kind of like laugh. And there are for them even. No, that was actually really good. I liked. I liked your enthusiasm in that video, or at least I liked the way you're smiling in that one or you know, the way you were like sitting a certain way makes you look more relaxed or whatever it might be like having that somebody to bounce ideas off of.


Just makes it a little less exhausting, I think.


Yeah, I love that. Yeah. So true. Yeah, that's a great idea. Because you have like that accountability partner is a ball, you know, both of you got you like you're helping each other out in your and just going for it. Yeah. Yeah.


You got to have moral support. You gotta have somebody there cheering you. It just makes it a lot less in your head. I think it's too easy to get your head when you're by yourself and overanalyze every little thing. But when you have somebody saying like, no, that looks great or, you know, somebody you trust is not just gonna be a yes man, but it's gonna be like, well, I don't know that one wasn't your best one.


Like you need somebody else to be honest with you, I think.


Yeah, definitely. Okay. So once you have the video, so you've done like the video of yourself, you've gotten some B-roll, you've got the audio you need. What's the next step? How do you make it look polished and finished? What programs do you use? What's the easiest way to do that?


So as far as editing programs, if you have a Mac, I would just sees a movie like starting out, just use a movie. It's free on your Mac if you have a p._c. I suggest film Warren because it's very user friendly. And it's just I love it. It's similar to a movie. So it's just it's an easy format. It's easy to use all that stuff. And from there, the first step when you add it is you want to edit the audio content.


So don't even think about the visuals right now. Just lay out like like, let's see, it's your home page video. You just want to edit yourself talking and put that down in the. The project. The timeline of the editing project first. So get the audio. And then from there you'll want to, you know, choose like some music that matches your brand. Think about. So in this strategy, part of messaging, in your video marketing plan.


One of the questions to answer is what do you want your viewer, your ideal client to feel when they watch this video? So look at what you wrote down there and then choose music that will evoke that feeling. So if you want to be like, you know, fine in like lighthearted, then choose music. That is that if you want to be a little bit more serious, you that type of thing that does wonders. And there are tons of royalty free music places out there like I would say for just wanting one song.


I like Audio Jungle and you can buy like one song for like 20 bucks, $10, $30 around that range. It depends.


And then after you like the music, then you want to lay your B-roll. So, for example, for you, it would be shots of you taking photographs, working in your studio, working with clients. That type of thing. And you want to try to line it up with where it makes sense, obviously. So when you talk about like, you know, working with clients or whatever, that's when you want to show those images, those video shots, when you introduce yourself and give your like, elevator pitch at the beginning.


That's when you can just show like the nice shots of you with your camera, like the close ups maybe of you taking pictures, that type of thing. And so then you want to lay out the bureaus. You have that. Then you want to add any graphics if you want to add in some graphics and then fine tune it. So you just want to watch through the video, make sure that the music isn't too loud. Make sure that there aren't any weird like black spaces, like black frames that will jump out in a split second.


Just check through all of that. And once you feel good about it, then you can export that baby and put it up on your website and social media and all those places. How it so? So.


Yeah. I've used I movie, but I've never I've always done it videos. Then add the audio. I've never thought it the other way around. But that makes so much more sense now to do. Start with the audio first and then build the video on top of the audio and do that next time.


Yeah, it's it's like so much faster to edit that way. OK. Crazy. Yeah. Because I think that what I was doing, like the posing guide videos, I would create the video that I wanted visually because that's, you know, obviously coming from photography, that's what I do is I do the visual part first. And then I was having to line up the audio and it would throw out. It would always line up with where the video was.


It was. Yeah. So this makes a lot more sense. So that's really, really smart when it comes to uploading your video and getting it out there and sharing it. Do you have platforms? I know obviously there's YouTube. There's also like Vimeo and things like that. Do you have platforms you recommend as being like better than others or easier to use?


So I when I uploaded video on my Web site, I like to use a Vimeo because that way you don't have like suggested videos pop up after yours that YouTube will bring in. You can also, like, personalize it more so that maybe you don't show like certain things in the video. So I like Vimeo. Now, when it comes to like my video tutorials definitely just posted on YouTube because YouTube, as we all know, is the number two search engine.


Right. So you want to definitely get out there and grow your email list that way. So in that bringing that reminds me of another thing, too, is that I'm going back to the power of video. Is that multi vision digital? This company found that the lifespan of a video is four years, which is crazy. Like they also found that a Facebook post, the lifespan of a Facebook post. If you were to just post a picture and a caption, that's only three hours.


Oh, my gosh. Yeah. So which. It's right to post something on Facebook, it kind of disappears in the nothing. Yeah. And then a video like I'm literally still growing leads like getting leads from videos I made over a year ago when I started my YouTube channel. So it's very evergreen. It's kind of like a Christmas. Tracy. Yeah. And. Yeah. That makes it now that Stack Kibali's up 3 hours for a piece of was makes complete sense.


The four years on a video. But really, that's true. You know, again, I'm just kind of processing it in my brain like out loud. But, you know, I was just on YouTube the other day. I came to what I was looking for. But of course, then I go down the rabbit hole of all these other suggested videos I came across one. I really do think it was from like 2015 or something crazy. And I was like, oh, but it's still totally relevant.


Of course, my husband uses YouTube all the time for videos on like how to fix something or how to do something on a car or whatever. And there are always videos that are not necessarily the most current ones, but they're still relevant. They're still usable. And data. Such an interesting. Yeah.


That's why it's such a great way to really grow your email list and ultimately grow your number of customers and make more money because you give them value in those tutorial videos and then the will then become a customer. So especially in the online business world. Right? Right. I mean, even for you like to be great. Like if you gave, like, tips on what to wear for your photo session and you know how to pose and stuff like that.


So I have some follow up questions like which would I ask first? Real quick on the video platforms like YouTube video. If you are there advantages to using those versus just uploading it, the video directly from your computer to your Web site. Like, for example, I use a platform called Cadabby and they have the feature where I can literally just upload the video without having to use a third party platform.


They have a wistia, which is fantastic. OK, so is there any benefit to that, though, like or does is there because I know like YouTube and I think Vimeo both will track like your stats and stuff. Right. Views, things. So is there a reason that you should do that? Would that be a good reason to use them over something else?


Yeah. I'm trying to think, does could choppy not tell you the video views? I would. I would imagine.


You know, I haven't really even used it long enough to know I should to look into that, but it probably does now that I think about it. I would imagine.


Yeah. I mean, they actually have a job to do and I need to look. But yeah. So I I live with. Yeah. And I love that it's already in Cadabby cause wistia alone is super expensive. OK. Though I would I actually would just use this to just upload it to court. OK. Because I don't like how you go. Vimeo and sorry. The video on the YouTube. I don't like how sometimes and I know you can customize this.


That depends on like on my WordPress site. Before this, I was having to like customize like what shows on the video Casanova's. It'll show like the title or it'll show like whatever the bottom bar kind of thing. I like it just to be clean and simple and like this is the video.


Yeah. And in Vimeo you can customize it. You might need to look into this. You might need to pay the at least the first time a price option, which is like it's pretty affordable. I want to say it's like 10 bucks a month. I think so.


I think I had it for a lot of it was like 10 or 12 somewhere in that range.


Yeah, we know with that one you can definitely customize what pops up. You can make sure that recomended videos don't show up in all of that. And so like right now my current web site is through Squarespace. So I will then just post my videos from a Web site on Vimeo, then use upload a thumbnail sketch. But the problem with like Squarespace is that the play button is like disguised. It's like this tiny triangle and people miss it. I can miss it all the time.


So I'll actually then bring my thumbnail and she can buy put a larger play button on that and then upload that thumbnail so that it has a big like in your face. Really obvious. Yeah. Is that's. So you want them to do we want to play your video again like wistia so called Cadabby automatically has a nice play button to worry you.


Yeah but I did those like. Yeah that makes sense because I'm Amber. I was struggling with that one time with uploading it to YouTube. I mean from Vimeo to a WordPress site was there was no play but it was real tiny in the bottom left corner like on the little player at the bottom. And I was like, people aren't going to click, but it just looks like a weird photo of me. Yeah. So that's smart. You're using that, though, to upload the thumbnail.


That's a really great idea. Okay. So my next question was mean. You mentioned like before your lifespan. But let's say with your home page video, how often should you update that or do you need to update that whenever, whenever you want to feel like for me?


I've kind of like my business just keeps kind of evolving. So like, oh, think of like maybe, for example, like my map process, like the map to lucrative it. So that came I started this. What kind of teaching this model like? Just a few like a few months ago. So then I updated my home page video to reflect that. So whenever you have like maybe a new elevator pitch, a new new message mean maybe you're just tired of the way it looks in.


You kind of have mastered, you know, the lighting a little bit better than you can do that. So you don't need to update it. But if you want to in mainly like if you're messaging has changed at all, then, you know, update it. But yeah, OK. And then. So now I've lost my other question and I was like a Hedley's questions in my brain and now I can't know what they were.


Updating it and. I don't. OK. So do you have any other like last minute tips that you want to share and it comes to creating videos or how to put them out there? What's the best place to share them all that kind of stuff?


Yes. So, I mean. So it depends on your purpose. Right. So going back to your video marketing plan. If, for example, if maybe the video you're making is. A tutorial like you want to try to grow your email list with this. Definitely put it on YouTube. Definitely share it. Your social media outlets. Put it on your website blog. And then for your home page video, you can also repurpose that and pin it at the top of your business Facebook page and send it that way, when people go to like your Facebook page for the first time, they'll see that at the top and can watch it.


And then you're there greeting them and telling them, let your brand is all about and how you can help them.


Awesome. OK. You mentioned the beginning about a like a B roll, like a banner video for your Web site. You talked a lot about that and how that works.


Yes. So I actually have a YouTube video t that walks you through all of it. OK. Basically, you know, if you go to like some of these Web sites like mine has one, they'll have like a Web site, Heitor video, it's called or a background video at the top. And then it'll have like their elevator pitch. So like their tagline over that. So text over that with like a button, like a call to action, Ben.


So, for example, when I was planning my trip to Maui, there was a like a boat company and they had different excursions and stuff like that. And they had a really nice Web site background video because it showed what you could experience. And there wasn't any audio or anything like that. Right. Because, again, these Web site activities don't have any audio. But at the same time, you could still see like, oh, whoa.


And and then a couple of things to that make this powerful is the number one thing you want to do with your Web site banner video is you want to visually allow your Web site visitor to experience your brand. So like for me, I fall kind of under like a coach, like a online type of business coach with a focus on video, obviously. So like my Web site, Vanner video is Shots of me like TTN in like a fun way.


So you like you'll see me kind of acting goofy in some of the images and kind of letting my personality shine. You'll see like a shotting at a coffee shop, like, you know, strategizing that type of a thing. Because it's easy for like a boat company. Right. Right. Or like if you you know, for you like a photography business, it would be images of you working as a photographer. But also like the B-roll, basically, like you want to evoke the emotion that you want your viewer to feel through this.


And then what's great to do is they're going to be on your Web site longer because that video is engaging them. Yeah, it's captivating them. And so then this will also tell those search engines. So people are on like her Web site for a decent amount of time. We need to rank this Web site higher in the search results. So smart. Yeah. Yeah. And so Web site banner video of home page video will help do that, which looks awesome.


That's amazing. Yeah. Because I've I've talked with it before. I think like the average time somebody spends on a Web site is like seven seconds before they decide to stay or go. But if they're caught up in watching a video, they're going to be more way more likely to stay longer, or at least even if they watch the video or like other stuff. For me, it's telling Google like, hey, this person was here for three minutes.


Clearly, people are doing something on this page that requires them or that shows that they want to be there. So, yeah. That's really smart.


And that's why I like Web site banner videos, too, because they play automatically. So you are like am hooking them in instantaneously. Then from there you hook them in the scroll down a little bit. They see your home page video and then they'll click play and then you're hooking them even longer. And you know, we've seen that no like trust factor.


What I think, too, like with video, like sharing and things on Facebook, I find myself you know, I think it's what like if you watch a video for like three to five seconds that people can they can retarget ads to you. And I find myself cause because videos that even if I don't watch them a sound a lot of time, I don't watch a MO sound because I'm on my phone or I'm you know, my kids are around.


I never noticed them come up. So I just have it on mute. But even if I scroll through it, I start watching a video. If it's something that eventually I'm like, I really am not to this. I'm like, doing it. I was on there for 10 seconds. They're going to start ad it like posting ads to Reno. But if you can. That's what's interesting about video is you can catch the world's attention so much more easily than you can with just a really maybe you could be the best photo in the world, but it's not going to grab attention the way a video will because people like I want to see what's going to happen.


I want to see, like, you know, obviously what this presents or say or whatever it might be. So that's why I like it. Was so excited to chat with you today, because I'm really, really excited to get into more video stuff and. Year and start diving into adding those to my Web site and my social media feeds and gas outside.


I'm so excited for you. What made you so good? Thank you for all your advice. Thank you. I hope so. I hope so. And I've even thought about like with the podcast. Like, what are some ways I can start incorporating video? We a record all of our interviews and video format. But I don't always know, like if people want that on YouTube. I may start like we're just going to like by the way, this video may end up on YouTube.


But no, but I'm super excited. So thank you for all of your information. So tell everybody where they can find you. I know you have a couple of courses out that people can go sign up for, so share that with us and I will have all of your info linked in our show notes. The tell Tupperware they can find you and follow you and learn more about you. Yes, a lot.


I have a free training video and guide that backs people through how to film themselves professionally on a phone so they can just get in lucrative videos. Dot com slash training. OK. And then I also have a free and master class of video series and they can just go to lucrative videos. Dot com slash master class. Awesome.


And then work. I find you on social media. Patricia Calacanis. So I know my last name is like, oh, well, it's Hawaiian and it's people on their west coast are like, oh, that's Hawaiian.


And then whenever I go, like eastern Arizona and it's from Maui. So awesome. Yes. He's basically my last name is spelled K E L I K A.


And I I'm sure you tried to spell over the phone a million times when you call places. Well, thank you so much for joining us, Patricia. It's been amazing. I think this is going to give everybody some really, really great pointers to get started using video in twenty. So I hope you'll come back and chat with us again. And I would be reaching out to you with questions. OK. What do I do now?


Oh, yes. Any time. It was so great. Thank you so much. We'll have a great day. I'll talk to you soon. Bye. Oh, my goodness.


So much information. If you've made it through this entire episode, your head's probably spinning. And just as much as mine was when I was chatting with Patricia. Because now I feel so inspired and excited. A little overwhelmed, but so ready to dive into video marketing. I hope you feel the same way. If you have any questions, feel free to head over to my Instagram or shoot me. An email at Grob means business pod at G-mail dot com.


Let me know what video marketing questions you have because I am more than happy to send them all to Patricia, get her feedback and let you know what she has to say. I know that she's super excited to help all of us really dive into this world of video marketing. And I think this was just the start. Like the tip of the iceberg of all of the amazing advice that she has for us. So let me know what your thoughts were and what questions you have.


And I will pass them along to her.


All right, guys, that does it for this week's episode. Thank you again for tuning in. And don't forget to grab your building, your brand workbook. Use the link below in the show notes. Use v._i._p at the checkout for half off and you can start building a brand that your clients will be dying to work with. All right, guys, I will see you back here next week.


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