Work From Home Survival Guide

Mar 06, 2019
It was a random Tuesday morning around 10am. I had taken a personal day from my teaching job and was out running errands. Between stops I decided to run into my favorite coffee shop and grab a quick drink.
As I stood in line I looked around the room at the people sitting at the tables. There was a table of older gentlemen dressed in polo shirts and khakis that were probably headed to the golf course after their coffee stop. There was a college student with headphone and a laptop most likely finishing up an assignment (and browsing social media). And then, there were the women....
One was sitting in an oversized chair with her laptop out and notebooks on the table beside her. There was the table of 3 women chatting. They were dressed in yoga pants and cute tops that probably hadn't seen a gym that day. And then there were two women sitting in the corner deep in conversation.
All of these women were about my age, and as I stood there all I could think about...
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