How To Nurture Your Email List

Mar 02, 2020

So nowadays people want a little more than that. They're not really interested in the newsletters. They want something that's going to be of value to them. Once you've heard me say a lot on this show is provide value and we always want to be giving something of value. So the same goes for your emails. You want to make sure that you are not just selling to them every time you send an e-mail, because that's a really easy way to lose trust from your audience.


Hey, friends. Welcome to the Girl Means Business podcast. I'm your host, Kendra Swalls, photographer and educator on a mission to help you find your passion, your power, and your purpose through entrepreneurship. So let's jump into today's episode because this girl means business. Hey there, guys. Welcome back. The Girl Means Business podcast. You may have noticed a little different intro there. I am changing things up a little bit over here, shaking it up. So I want to start off this episode with just a couple...

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The Know, Like & Trust Factor

Dec 04, 2019

Hey friends and welcome to another wonderful week here at the girl Means Business podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in this week. Your downloads your listeners your feedback all means the world to me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you that tune in every single week and have left me your feedback so I have something really fun for you. How would you like to receive a special little gift from me in the mail this year for Christmas. I am giving away free packages in the mail for anybody who leaves a review on my iTunes account for this podcast.


That means if you go and you leave me a review on iTunes between now and December thirty first I will send you a little special something in the mail just for me this holiday season. So go ahead and hit pause or really quick head over to items and leave me a quick review. Let me know what you think about this episode or the show in general what you're loving what you're not liking so much what you'd like...

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