Facebook Groups To Grow Your Business

Feb 13, 2020


The future of Facebook is Facebook groups not just posting to your Facebook page, but being involved in communities with in the Facebook platform.



Welcome to the Girl Means Business podcast, I'm your host, Kendra Squalls. Over the last few years, I have built a business that allowed me to quit my to spend more time with the ones that I love and live my best life. Now I'm sharing everything I learned along the way with you each week. My guests tonight will share actionable tips, tangible advice and honest conversations to help you build your dream business. So get ready to take notes and put in the work because this girl means business.



Hey, guys. And a welcome back to another week here on the Girl Means Business podcast. I'm so excited that you've tuned in this week as we are in the middle of our social media series. So far in this series, we have tackled Instagram and LinkedIn. And today we're going to be taking a look at Facebook, but not just...

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Creating a Facebook Group for your Business

Apr 14, 2019

Creating a successful business has always required a lot of hard work and effort. Although in today’s world, there are so many extra steps you must take to ensure your business reaches a big audience. Social media is going to be one of the main places to market because it’ll reach anyone and everyone. Facebook business groups provide your consumers a personal experience to engage in and learn about your company. It’ll definitely take more than just creating the page and letting people find it on their own. This is an in-depth guide to creating a Facebook group and information on using it to its fullest.


The Process

Groups are great because they give you a place to reach your consumers in a more feasible and personal way. Creating a group is very easy and can be done in just seconds. Simply go to the “Groups” tab on the left-hand side and click it. There will be a green button that says, “Create Group” in the top right corner. After...

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