MomBoss Systems and Schedules with Amy Hann

Apr 27, 2020

And that is when you take a look at your calendar and and you really define your time of what you're doing, wind and reading systems around when you're doing it versus shopping when you're doing the playdates. And for me, it's setting your priorities what those are. So it's like. Hey, friends, and welcome to the Girl Means Business podcast. I'm your host, Kendra Smalls, a photographer and educator on a mission to help you find your passion, power and purpose through entrepreneurship.


So let's jump right into today's episode, because this girl means business. Hey, guys, welcome back to the Girl Means Business podcast. Well, welcome to the last week of April. It feels like the last two months have lasted for about two years.


It's been such a crazy couple of weeks. Yesterday, we celebrated my youngest daughter's fourth birthday and in two more days we'll be celebrating my oldest daughter's eighth birthday. Their birthdays are just three days apart. And while it breaks my...

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