Episode 10: Embracing the Side Hustle with Shelly Goudreau


I don't know where you are in your business right now....

Maybe you are still working that side hustle dreaming of going full time one day

Maybe you are already a full time entrepreneur but you could use a little extra spending money


Maybe your are embracing the side hustle for what it is....extra income on top of your full time salary!

This is where this week's podcast guest finds herself.

Shelly is a full time Reading Specialist  by day, and runs a Shop.com side hustle business to help her family have money for vacations, special events and "fun" money.

No matter where you are in your entrepreneural journey, this episode has something for you.



 This week on the Listener Lounge I am discussing basics of starting a new business. Where to begin and what to do first



Check out Shelly's website - https://www.shellylynn.shop/
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