Episode 17: Your Business Roadblocks


When I was 18 I moved out of my small hometown, where I knew every road and how to get just about anywhere I wanted to go, to a HUGE city where I knew NOTHING. This was back before GPS and apps like Waze were around to tell you how to get somewhere while avoiding traffic jams, construction or road closures. I remember my college roommate and I getting in the car on weekends and just blindly heading in the direction we thought was the right way. We made wrong turns, found a few dead ends and got lost more times than we could count. But most of the time, the journey to get there was more fun than the destination. I couldn't tell you where we were going most of the time, but I have some really great memories of those drives with us singing along to the radio, laughing at our wrong turns and just enjoying the ride.
Running a business is a lot like those drives. While you have a destination in mind, how to get there isn't always so clearly mapped out. You just have to get in the car and start driving. More likely than not you will run into a few dead ends, some detours and the occasional roadblock. A lot of business owners will let these roadblocks stop them from reaching their destination. They will turn around and go back home. But not you! Just the fact that you are taking the time to listen to this podcast (and most likely several others) means that you are determined to make this dream work.
So this week's episode is all those things that might get in your way on your journey to success, and how you can overcome them, make them part of your story and use them to make you stronger (not weaker).
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