Episode 19: Getting Started with Email Marketing


What if you woke up tomorrow and all your social media accounts were gone? Just disappeared! For just a typical social media user, this might not be that big of a deal. Sure, you might miss out on seeing your cousin's latest travel pics or all the cute baby photos your old college roommate keeps posting....BUT, for a business owner this can mean losing an entire audience of potential clients. It could mean losing the only means of communication you have with the masses AND it can mean a loss of revenue for your business.
You might be thinking.....ok, this is a little far fetched that ALL social media would go away just like that. And yes, it does seem a little crazy. However, it could happen. We have all seen the chaos that ensues when Facebook and Instagram were down for just ONE DAY! People were losing their minds. And, while we might not lose social media in the sense that it goes away completely....we have already started to see how the new algorithm changes and big company ad spends are making it harder and harder for small businesses (like yours and mine) to get noticed.
While social media should be ONE piece of your marketing puzzle, it shouldn't be the ONLY piece. This week we are talking about email marketing and how to ensure that your clients see your content in their inbox instead of fighting for their attention on social media.

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