Episode 22: CultivatingCommunity with Charlsey Childers

(Pt 1)


One of the reasons I love Facebook so much is because of the communities you can find there. I mentioned back in Episode 6 that Facebook is really leaning their platform towards groups and the communities you can build through groups. And I'm sure that if you were to log into your FB account right now, you would find a long list of groups that you are part of as well.
We all crave community and relationships, which is why I love the FB groups communities I part of SO much....and they led me to this week's guest Charlsey Childers. 
Charlsey has created a business around bring women together with the Always Her website and social media groups. She has a mission to give 1 million women a place to be authentically themselves. And after talking to her for just a few minutes I could tell that there is no stopping this woman. Her heart and passion for connecting women is infectious! 
IN this week's episode Charlsey and I are chatting about how she built her group, and why finding a community is SO important! 
AND you can find Charlsey and I doing a joint Facebook Live event next Tuesday (Sept 3, 2019) at 10 CST. We will be talking about Comparison vs. inspiration and how to balance the two. So head over to her Always Her facebook group to join us next week! 
Always Her Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlwaysHer/
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Meet Charlsey

Charlsey is a Skincare Specialist, a Community Leader, a proud baby mama of two, and a wife to a hunky husband. She is fiercely passionate about helping women be authentically themselves by knowing and loving who they are so they can be all they were created to be.



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