Episode 26: Burnout Proof Your Biz With Chelsea B. Foster

It's pretty safe to say that at some point in your business you are going to experience burnout! I know I have! So this week I am chatting with business coach, and owner of the Burnout Proof Your Biz Podcast - Chelase B. Foster.
She is sharing her tips for how to avoid burnout, what to do if you find yourself burning out & ways to stay excited about your business.
Chelsea helps busy, overwhelmed, and stressed out creatives, bloggers, and coaches streamline and organize their businesses so they can fully step into their CEO role and live the freedom lifestyle they are dreaming of. She focuses on balance, mindset, creating effective workflows & automations, accountability to schedules, expectations, & boundaries, and learning how to use the systems & tech tools that are right for each entrepreneur and their business - because there's no one right way to run your business or create success. 
If like the Girl Means Business podcast then you and Chelsea should be friends (I'm pretty sure she and I were separated at birth). Here is where you can find her:
Freebie - 3 Things to Help You Burnout-Proof Your Biz - https://www.chelseabfoster.com/freebie 
Instagram - @chelseabfoster (https://www.instagram.com/chelseabfoster)

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