Episode 56: Showing Up In Your Business with Barbara Majeski

We are all learning how to deal with the curveballs that life is throwing at us lately, and no one knows more about dealing with what life gives you more than my guest this week...
You might recognize Barbara Majeski from her appearances on the Today Show, but her personal story and journey is one of inspiration and determination. She's no stranger to hard work, dedication, and living out your purpose in life. Barbara's story begins in childhood with a promise to her younger brother with special needs that she would always take care of him...no matter what. Relying upon that promise, she put herself through college, launched a successful sales business and became a wife and mother of three. Barbara's journey took a turn in a different direction when she was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and her marriage suddenly ended. Armed with unwavering tenacity to not have her legacy left this way, Barbara beat cancer and has emerged stronger while also reinventing herself and launching a second career in media.
Barbara hosts the Baring It All podcast and is regularly featured on The Today Show, Inside Edition, and Fox & Friends. 
She and I sat down to talk about motherhood, business and lie that is the balance of it all! 



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