Here is where the problem begins >>>


- You have been TOLD  that email marketing is a necessary part of your business

- You WANT to connect with your audience and make sales through email

- BUT, the idea of creating weekly email content makes you want to hide under a blanket and drink an entire bottle of wine

(although, that doesn't sound like such a terrible way to spend an evening) 


Email marketing shouldn't be THIS stressful or overwhelming!

I know exactly how it feels.


I have....

- Stared at a blank screen hoping the right words would magically appear

- Wondered if anyone would even read the emails if I ever send them

- Tried to figure out how to sell to my audience without being pushy

- Made every excuse in the book for why email marketing doesn't work for me

Have we met?

Hey there, I'm Kendra Swalls -  an elementary teacher turned entrepreneur. I took my love of learning and teaching others and turned it into my dream business. 

Somehow I manage to balance

- 1 full time husband

- 2 full time kids

- 1 podcast

- 1 thriving photography business


- 1 online education business

That adds up to A LOT of work, but I absolutely LOVE what I do, and getting to help women, like yourself, is my life's passion! 

I know that being a one-woman-show when starting a business is tough. You are expected to do it all....and be good at it! 

But, It just isn't realistic. Which is why I want to help...and why you are here, reading this now. 

I want to offer you an easier way...

Because staring at a blank email box with the blinking cursor is like slow-poison-death for an entrepreneur


Introducing ....


The Inbox Insider

One full year of done-for-you email templates


What's Included:

- 5 Welcome Sequence Email Templates ($37 value) 

- 6 Simple Sales Email Templates ($47 value)

- 52 Weekly Relationship Building Email Templates ($197 value)

- 3 List Cleaning Email Templates ($37 value)

- Subject Line Starters ($49 value)

But Wait...There's More!

(I hope you read that in your best infomercial voice)


Using Quizzes as a Lead Magnet

A step-by-step guide to creating your first quiz and easily growing your email list

($195 value)


100 Power Words

A complete list of words to boost your content and get better results from your copy.

($27 value) 


List Builder Library

Lead magnet ideas by industry to help you create the perfect lead magnet for your audience.

($35 value)

Value $624

Price $197

Today's Price - $47

I'm Ready...Sign Me Up!

Take a peek inside:

Click the images below to download a free sample from the Inbox Insider template library. 

Can I be real with you for a moment?

I know there are A LOT of entrepreneurs out there selling "quick fix" solutions for your business...this is NOT one of those! 

Email marketing is a long game. You have to be willing to put in the consistent work to get the results you see others bragging about online.

This program will NOT magically transform your email marketing plan. But it will give you a roadmap to help you find success a little faster.

NO more staring at a blinking cursor waiting for the words to come...


Been there, Done that, Got the t-shirt...


Let's make it easier, shall we?


Value $624

Price $197

Today's Price - $47

Let's Do This...Sign Me Up!